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Getting Used To Things In Mexico Teresa Kendrick

Traveling to Mexico is like having a fling, a stunning romance, a love affair so intense that everything becomes a romantic vision. Senses are heightened, feelings revive, and travelers find themselves... read more

Midlife Mavericks: Women Reinventing Their Lives In Mexico Reviewed by Teresa Kendrick

In her first non-fiction book, Midlife Mavericks, author Karen Blue presents the stories of nineteen American and Canadian women who left their countries, families, and cultural roles to begin new lives in Mexico.

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Kimball Gallery In Chapala Teresa Kendrick

A rtists from the Ajijic-Chapala-Riberas area of Jalisco joined together June 6, 2003 to meet one another, renew collaborations and celebrate the upcoming rainy season at the new Kimball Gallery in Chapala.

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Mexico's Pyramid Power - Chichen Itza, El Tajin and Teotihuacan Teresa Kendrick

Consider El Tajin's famous pyramid of the Niches, built by inheritors of the Olmec culture. Thousands of small stone blocks came together just so, like a Chinese block puzzle, to produce a structure th... read more

Did You Know? - Tobacco / Xigar Teresa Kendrick

Did you know that the word "cigar" originates from the Mayan word xigar? The word was used to describe the action of aspirating or sucking which later came to signify the act of smoking tobacco. T... read more

Did You Know? - Vanilla Teresa Kendrick

Did you know that the vanilla bean is from an aromatic orchid that originally came from Mexico? The Academy of Sciences and Gastronomic Arts in Paris were so taken with the fruit of this orchid, that ... read more

Did You Know? - Mexican Jumping Beans "Frijoles Saltarines" Teresa Kendrick

Much of the world has heard about the legendary "Mexican Jumping Bean", the small seed that resembles the common "frijole" or bean, that, when warmed by the heat of the sun or when held in the pal... read more

Arteplumaria - the Mexican art of feather painting Teresa Kendrick

Did you know that one of the highest, most elegant and sumptuous arts of pre-Conquest Mexico was arteplumaria, the art of feather painting? Used to decorate headdresses, standards, staffs, lances,... read more

Did You Know? - Peanuts Teresa Kendrick

Did you know that the first people known to have used the peanut were the Mayans of Mexico? International explorers first recorded the peanut in Haiti, but were told it had originally been taken from ... read more

Did You Know? - Nochebuena / Poinsettia Teresa Kendrick

Nochebuena, the Mexican name of the flower English-speakers call poinsettia, was discovered in Taxco and the valleys surrounding Cuernavaca. Known by the Aztecs in their native Nahuatl language as cuet... read more

Did You Know? - Pineapples & Papaya Teresa Kendrick

Did you know that peanuts, vanilla, guavas, tomatoes, some forty different chiles, avocados, and papayas originally came from Mexico? Pineapple also grew wild in Mexico, as well as Peru and along the ... read more

Did You Know? - Chewing Gum Teresa Kendrick

Did you know that among the many things Mexico has given to the world, chewing gum is one of them? El Tzictlil, a Nahuatl word for resin from the Zapote Blanco tree, caught the attention of three Amer... read more

Did You Know? - At One Time Alaska Was Part Of Mexico? Teresa Kendrick

In the second half of the 18th century both the Russians and the British began to penetrate into the Alaskan peninsula, an area considered a Spanish possession as Spain was credited with "discovering" ... read more

Did You Know? - Castille Soap Teresa Kendrick

From the late 17th century and throughout the 18th, Castille soap was the reigning soap of Europe. It surpassed even the French soaps that, at their peak, were considered supremely prized elements of t... read more

Did You Know? - Henequen - Sisal Teresa Kendrick

One of the greatest gifts the Indigenous peoples of Mexico shared with the world was their discovery and cultivation of natural fibers. One of these, henequén, continues to be used throughout the... read more

Did you know? A sacred game Teresa Kendrick

The ancient game of amalla was not mere sport. The ballcourt was a "middleworld" between gods and humans, a battleground for the cosmic tension between life and death, good and evil, sacrifice and... read more

"Isabel's Enigma" Teresa Kendrick

"Isabel's Enigma" © 2003 T. Adams I n June I saw the first indications of rain. Clouds from the northeast began building in the late afterno... read more

"The Passion Fruit Vine" Teresa Kendrick

A fter nine years in Jalisco, my infatuation with the Mexico that visitors experience had long since become the Mexico where I worked for a living-where I filed taxes, met deadlines and had the o... read more

Gracias Y Adios Teresa Kendrick

Dear Readers, When "Tales From the Maracuyá" first appeared as a Mexico Connect column in July 2003, I hoped to chronicle an extraordinary year in Mexico with an extraordinary friend. My ... read more

A Package From Spain Teresa Kendrick

“A Package from Spain” © 2003 T. Adams At 3 p.m. one Wednesday during the first week of July someone pulled the string on the brass bell outside Isabe... read more

"On The Road To The Cofradia" Teresa Kendrick

B y the end of June, the villages around the Lake were cool and green and deserted, the time of year everyone waited for. Influenced by tourism, we knew that visitors would begin returning in Nov... read more

Bass Fishing In Mexico Teresa Kendrick

W hen a certain 17-year-old Bronco gave up the ghost in Dallas last September, every mechanic in the garage it was towed to wiped their tools, shook their heads, and talked about one thing. Bass ... read more

"A Foreigners Tale" Teresa Kendrick

"My father thought Mexico was the best place on earth," said Isabel as she heaved a huge pot for steaming tamales onto the stove in her kitchen. "But he always felt like a Spaniard. Always like ... read more

Mexico's Lake Chapala And Ajijic Reviewed by Teresa Kendrick

Mexico’s Lake Chapala and Ajijic: The Insiders Guide to the Northshore for International Travelers by Teresa A. Kendrick is a comprehensive 170-plus page guide to one of the most sought-after destina... read more
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