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Veracruz for foreigners: an introduction Dean & Yoly Hughson

Updated December, 2009 When we tell people that we go to Mexico often, they always ask "Cancun or Puerto Vallarta?" When we tell them "Veracruz"' they always ask, "Where is that?". The State of Vera... read more

Fear Of Driving In Mexico Quickly Healed Dean & Yoly Hughson

In 1969 I made my first trip to Mexico by car. At age 18 I drove my grandmother and mother from Kansas City to Eagle Pass, Texas, to visit an uncle and family and they suggested we drive across the bor... read more

I Love Mexico And A Mexican Dean & Yoly Hughson

My love for Mexico began at age 18. My first trip to Mexico was in the company of my grandmother and mother whom I drove down to visit my uncle who was a US Border Patrolman. I had never been in Texas ... read more

Keeping in touch from Mexico Dean & Yoly Hughson

(The rates quoted in this article are as of August 1998) When I first started traveling in Mexico in the '60s, it was truly like going back in time. If you wanted to place a call back to the States or... read more

Mexican behaviorf or gringos: A short primer Dean & Yoly Hughson

There are many positive things about the US and her people. Having traveled widely, including Communist countries, I have seen what can happen when there is neither freedom nor even the ability to have... read more

Mechanics in Mexico Dean & Yoly Hughson

If you are going to drive much in Mexico, you need to become at peace with the way Mexican mechanics work. In the old days (1970's and 80's) the smart driver touring Mexico would take a VW and have no... read more

Driving in Mexico: A personal perspective Dean & Yoly Hughson

Ever since I was 18 years old (29 years ago) I have been driving to Mexico on vacations and business. My first trip,at age 18, got me hooked. How could you not like a country where the people are frie... read more
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