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Huichol artwork: celestial things Robert Otey

The eclipse has special meaning for the Huichol, because it represents the eclipse of July 11 1991 at 10:21 A.M. Pacific Coast time. This is the sixth sun according to the ancient Meso-American Calenda... read more

The Huichol of Jalisco and Nayarit Robert Otey

The Huichols are a hearty and enduring people numbering about 18,000, most of which live in the Jalisco and Nayarit, two rugged and mountainous states in North Central Mexico. They are descendents of ... read more

Symbolism used by the Huichols Angela Corelis

Tacutsi Aramara, the Goddess of Life, is the Mother Goddess. From her have sprung all life forms; humans, animals and plants. Tacutsi not only gives life to all she nurtures, but teaches a manner of li... read more

Huichol shamanic art Dr. Thomas Pinkson

The Huichol People of central Mexico still follow the age-old shamanic ways of their ancestors, an unbroken wisdom-bridge stretching back into the Paleolithic. The mara'akame, the shaman, still leads p... read more

Huichol literature Glenn Welker

"The Earth is sick and dying. The lands of the Huichol Indians, hidden high in the remote Sierra Madre mountains of northwestern Mexico, are dying. The forests are shrinking, water is b... read more

The Huichols: a culture in transition Susana Eger (Valdez)

A Message From Susana Eger Valadez, Director, The Huichol Center For Cultural Survival And Traditional Arts Dear Friends on the Internet: Thank you for your clicking on us to find out about t... read more

Learning Spanish by immersion: Does it work? Allan Cogan

Imagine a language course that starts off with the instructor giving a monologue that lasts all of sixty minutes, delivered almost entirely in Spanish. What our teacher, Hugo, gave us on that first day was a rundown, delivered at a normal conversational pace, on what we could expect in the next month. There were very few English words used, other than those we obviously didn’t understand. The only saving grace for us was that Hugo repeated his message constantly in several different ways. read more

Driving from Guadalajara to Oaxaca Allan Cogan

My guide book tells me that it's exactly 1,000 kilometers from Guadalajara to Oaxaca. That's about 660 miles. I know of people who say they've driven the distance in one day and I have to concede that it's possible. The only way you can do it is to take toll roads the whole way, start at the crack of dawn and drive like hell. The other thing you have to do is drive through Mexico City. read more

Oaxaca... magic city Allan Cogan

Believe me, Oaxaca is not quite like any other town you’ve ever been to. Even in Mexico. read more

Nayarit: San Blas, Tepic and in between Sophie Annan Jensen

The fog of hallucination that occasionally seems to envelop Mexico hovers over San Blas most of the time. The amiable residents talk of their future as the next Puerto Vallarta while they wave towels t... read more

Art is alive and well in Monterrey Tony Burton

One of the pleasures of even a brief visit to Monterrey is the chance to explore its art museums and galleries. There are three important art museums in the city. The Museo de Monterrey (at Ave. Alfons... read more

Symbolic Huichol Art: Journeys of Vision Judy King

As I walked through the gardens of La Nueva Posada, my eyes were riveted on the young indigenous girl seated on the garden wall. Her vivid yellow skirt and blue top reminded me of our magazine's masthe... read more

Mexico living: five questions Karen Blue

Let’s start at the beginning. The five most commonly asked questions before I came to Mexico were: Why not stay in California and retire? Won’t you miss your friends a... read more

When taking the bus in Mexico, timing is everything Stan Gotlieb

I write for fun, and I love my adopted Oaxaca. Don't take me literally. I try not to take myself too seriously; neither should you. Still, there is truth in here somewhere, and it's as much about me an... read more

Barra del Tordo, Tamaulipas is paradise close to home "Mexico" Mike Nelson

You can stop looking for paradise. It's only 5 hours south of the Texas/Mexico border at McAllen or Brownsville. Most guidebooks dismiss the Gulf Coast uninteresting. They couldn't be more wrong. El Pa... read more

Bullfighting in Mexico: The conquest of fear, Latino style Shep Lenchek

The excitement of the bullfight © Shep Lenchek, 1997 On Sunday afternoon, at about ten minutes before 4 p.m., local time, in bullrings all over Spain and Mexico, matadors kneel in arena chapels an... read more

Oaxaca: a festive city Gale Randall

Guitarists sing and play on a city street in Oaxaca, Mexico. © Allan Cogan, 1997 A first visit to Oaxaca, capital of Mexico's southern state of Oaxaca, should begin at the zócalo, the town plaza.... read more

Teaching English in Mexico Mark S. Farley

Teaching English in Mexico is both an exciting and rewarding experience. There's no better way to learn about another culture than to live in it. It's one thing to vacation in Mexico, and quite anothe... read more

Huichol Indians: their art and symbols Angela Corelis

  Deer and wolves that speak to man, arrows that carry prayers, serpents that bring rain or impart skill in embroidery, pumas that are messengers of the Gods — are all real in the Huichol beli... read more

Gays in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

I am gay and thinking of moving to Mexico. I would like to know what attitudes are like towards gays in Mexico. Also, I heard that there San Miguel de Allende has a "gay community". Is that true? Is San Miguel more accepting of gays than other places? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

read more

Mexico And Minimum Wage Discussion Thread Forum

We fear that if everyone who goes to Mexico is in the position to have multiple homes in various countries, not batting an eye at paying N. American prices for everything and anything, soon they will be the only ones that can afford Mexico. read more

Report on Guadalajara Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Kim Martin on February 04, 1997: Sorry about the long delay in responding to questions, but the university server seems to be down more often than not. Here¥s some info about rentals. M... read more

Dual Citizenship - Mexico & US? Discussion Thread Forum

In the past a mexican would lose his rights as an heir if he took a foreign citizenship. If he had or ended up with property in Mexico, he had to dispose of it within 60 months, or forsake it in favor of the government. The U.S. does not encourage dual citizenship, but are not very interested in this matter, as long as you do not break any U.S. laws. At the present time, mexicans can take a foreign citizenship without losing out on the family property. read more

Who can drive my car? Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Ernie Gorrie on January 21, 1997 I know that it is very important to take out Mexican automobile insurance if one is planning to drive a car in Mexico. When we buy a car in Mexico, of co... read more
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