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Mexico: a window on technology and the poor Gary Chapman

Over the Columbus Day weekend, I was in Mexico City, attending and speaking at a conference marking the founding of the Mexican chapter of the Internet Society. That was a potentially historic event i... read more

Athletics, tour guides, evangelism and Mexico border crossings Stan Gotlieb

Below are some archives of letters to the editor that Stan has chosen to answer with open responses. August 23, 1996: A Border Resident Shares Her Experiences Sandy Weisel writes: Hi, I just love ... read more

El Grito: Mexico's Cry for Independence Gaceta Consular

The Declaration of Independence of the United States eloquently states in its introductory paragraph: "When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the political b... read more

Different Ways To Send Money to Mexico Gaceta Consular

September 1996 - Austin, Texas - Year IV, Number 25 With the many Mexican nationals who live in the Austin area and with the increase in trade between our countries under NAFTA, the Consulate frequent... read more

Mexico '95 & beyond - Up against the wall, once again Dr. Marc J. Ehrlich

In recent time, we have all been inundated with news about the financial crisis. I don't know anyone who has not been affected by the devaluation, the increase in interest rates, and the uncertaint... read more

Buying real estate in Mexico: an overview jennifer j. rose

Enjoying the Mexican beachfront or colonial hillside town, you've decided to put down roots in Mexico and "save money" by buying in. Think twice: you may make the deal of a lifetime, or you wish you'd... read more

The Oaxaca Valley: A week's adventures in a single day Tony Burton

Of all the thousands of possible day-trips from tourist centers in Mexico, perhaps none is as varied, educational, beautiful and just plain fun as that along the eastern part of the Valley of Oaxaca. O... read more

Sports enthusiasts get hooked on fishing in Mexico

Every great fisherman has a story about the "one that got away." A memorable "get away" to Mexico will hook more than a few fish tales with some of the best fishing in the world. The Baja Peninsula Lo... read more

Chaya, the Maya miracle plant Sophie Annan Jensen

Chaya plant © Educational Concerns for Hunger Organization, 2009 Updated in October, 2009 "Here is a contribution of the unforgettable Maya Indians, whom we have abandoned," is the wistful introd... read more

Business in Mexico: suggested readings

For families being relocated to Mexico, also see Moving to/Living A New Time For Mexico , 1996-2006 , by Carlos Fuentes (Marina Castaneda, translator). Publi... read more

African Roots Stretch Deep Into Mexico Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez

March 3, 1996 -- In Mexico, various Indian peoples still play ancient instruments. And their songs and dances -- which tell of uprisings against their masters -- pay tribute to their ancestors. The... read more

Light as a breeze rosette fritters: Buñuelos de viento Ana María Flores Sánchez

Buñuelos are crispy fried rosette cookies, a Mexican favorite at Christmas. © Daniel Wheeler, 2009 These light, crisp Mexican Christmas cookies are a favorite at posadas and pastorelas. Ingredie... read more

Canadian Chamber Of Commerce In Mexico

IntroductionMexico is Canada's most important trading partner in Latin America. Trade between the two countries was worth more than CDN $5 billion in 1994 and has grown significantly since the mid 1980... read more

Beliefs of Mexico's Huichol people: Responsible Ecstasy Dr. Thomas Pinkson

Ecstasy is a real human need... a state of consciousness beyond concept. And if it does not come through... in positive ways... it's going to come out in violence. — Elizabeth... read more

Organic coffee in Mexico Stan Gotlieb and Diana Ricci

This piece was written in early 1995. A year later, pieces on why we should buy "organic" coffee were appearing regularly in the mainstream press. (The picture is of the ancient cedar in Tule, outside ... read more

Mexico's Native American peoples and the global economy Stan Gotlieb and Diana Ricci

I wrote his in early 1995. Thankfully, the decency and good will of the average Oaxacan had not vanished along with their purchasing power and hopes for the future. Teen age gangs, on the rise, have m... read more

Protest in Oaxaca: Watch out for the wind Stan Gotlieb

This was written around Christmas of 1994. The banner hangs outside an opposition union office in Oaxaca. After ten days, the occupation ended. The teachers, some ten thousand strong, went back home t... read more

Truth in packaging: Mexico elections in 1994 Stan Gotlieb

In a place where the image of something can attain more significance than its substance, the propaganda war is waged without letup. Just like at home... (The wall of the governor's official residence, ... read more

How to survive - and stay - in Oaxaca Stan Gotlieb

This was written in 1994. How to survive - and stay - in Oaxaca, were very much on my mind. (The picture is of the Oaxaca State Band playing their Sunday concert in the zocalo.) Photography by Diana Ri... read more

The North American Free Trade Agreement: Nafta at five Olaf Carrera

Critics said it would never work. Supporters augured prosperity for all. Today, five years after the North American Free Trade Agreement took effect, perhaps neither forecast was entirely on the mark, ... read more

The adventures of Shadow: My dog, Sombra Vee Webber

When we first met, the attraction was instant and mutual. Her chocolate brown eyes melted into my gringa blues and we knew we were destined to be the best of friends. I smiled at her shyly and s... read more

Guadalupe and the way of the Huichol Anne Paule Picker

The Huichol way is the way of the Heart. Of utmost importance to the awakening and development of the heart is the sacred Peyote. Peyote looks like a cactus and grows wild in the desert. It has been us... read more
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