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Driving across the border? Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Melissa Fiddler on January 12, 1997 I need as much information as possible about driving to Mexico. I've heard that this may not be the easiest thing to do. We would be two to three Can... read more

Mazatlan Trip Report Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Thom on January 04, 1997 My wife and I just returned from MONTH in Mexico, the better part of which we spent in Mazatlan. We have been to Mexicoís other Pacific coast resort areas seve... read more

Mexico is a noisy place Stan Gotlieb

Mexico is a noisy place. Unless your cave is very high up the mountain, far beyond human habitation, noise is an integral part of your life. Certain kinds of noises are universal, occurring with equ... read more

The Preclassic or Formative Period ( 1500 BC - 300 AD ) Dale Hoyt Palfrey

The Formative Period begins with the first appearance of pottery and ends with the rise of the Teotihuacan and Mayan civilizations. It was an epoch marked by the emergence of effective agriculture, the... read more

The "Indian Time" syndrome June Summers

The Mañana Principle- Mañana means tomorrow, right? Wrong! In Indian space-time, mañana can mean almost anytime ... next week, next month ... possibly never. However, it can be a most usefu... read more

La Malinche - harlot or heroine? Shep Lenchek

  December 1997 "El Ojo del Lago" Guadalajara-Lakeside Volume 14, Number 4  With permission.   "La Malinche." Slave, interpreter, secretary, mistress, mother of the first "Mexican." her very name... read more

Touring Oaxaca's central valley Ron Mader

February 1997 Oaxaca is called "Tierra del Sol," and it a landscape blessed with a spring-like climate and plenty of sunshine. The city of Oaxaca is located in a picturesque valley with an altitude of... read more

Football links on Mexico Connect Ron Mader

Sports fans use the internet every day to find information that the net provides best - late scores and info about sports that don't make the daily paper - water polo, wrestling, and if we're talking a... read more

Water and culture shock in a Mata Ortiz, Mexico Michael Allan Williams

Juan Mata Ortíz is a small village of potters, farmers and cowboys in Northern Chihuahua. About 30 years ago, an unschooled artistic genius, Juan Quezada, taught himself how to make earthenware jars i... read more

The Zone of Silence in Northern Mexico: scientific marvel or just fiction? Andrea Kaus

The MapimI Reserve overlaps an area known as La Zona del Silencio (the Zone of Silence) which attracts tourists and curiousity-seekers from all over the world. These people and their guides are locally referred to as zoneros or silenciosos. They are generally considered to be slightly daft or a nuisance, but they represent a substantial population of strangers who wish to see, experience, and take away with them read more

Merida, 1997: trade opportunities Gus Gordon

Merida, Yucatan..I returned to Merida in July, 1997 to follow up on my contacts I had made last year while on my grant to facilitate trade between the Yucatan and the state of Mississippi. ( See pr... read more

Yucatan World Class Labor At $3.00 USD Per Day Gus Gordon

Yucatan, Mexico -- My explore the Yucatan to discover business opportunities for trade, manufacturing, and joint ventures. I was to be the liaison between the Harrison County Economic Deve... read more

In Mexico, Chile Is The Spice Of Life June Summers

Here's a key phrase to memorize before heading to Mexico. "Es muy picante?" Whenever a waiter answers this question with, "Sí señora," I'm forewarned. In the first bite, my mouth w... read more

The Post Classic Period ( 900 - 1521 ) Part 2: The Aztecs Dale Hoyt Palfrey

By the 13th century the entire region, then called the Valley of Anahuac, was occupied by assorted rival city-states. Among the last to arrive on the scene was the nomadic tribe of the Mexica (pronounc... read more

The Post Classic Period ( 900 - 1521 ) Part 1 Dale Hoyt Palfrey

While data on early Mesoamerican cultures has been deduced primarily from archaeological evidence, historians have utilized the written records of later cultures to produce the final chapters of pre-hi... read more

The Classic Period - Part 3: The Maya Dale Hoyt Palfrey

The Maya make up the largest homogenous group of Indians north of Peru, inhabiting a vast area that encompasses Mexico's Yucatan peninsula and parts of the states of Tabasco and Chiapas, as well as Gua... read more

The Classic Period (300-900 AD) Part 2: Cholula Dale Hoyt Palfrey

The most important center of the Mexican highlands after the fall of Teotihuacan was Cholula, near the twin volcanic peaks Iztaccihuatl and Popocatepetl and the city of Puebla. The Great Pyramid there,... read more

The Classic Period (300 - 900 AD) Part 1 Dale Hoyt Palfrey

With the rise of a variety of highly developed cultures, Mesoamerica entered its Golden Age. It was an era marked by political, intellectual and urban development, as well as excellence in monumental a... read more

Communicating In Latin America June Summers

HURDLE THE LANGUAGE BARRIER - by learning Latin American hand and voice signals. These vary from one culture to another. The following are distinctly LATINO: THE WAGGING FINGER - ... read more

The Colored Paper Affair June Summers

LOVE OF COLORED PAPER is as Mexican as tortillas, tacos, or tequila. There are fiestas all year round and each one is festooned and bright with multi-colored streamers, flowers, and bows; fringed, fold... read more

Regulations For Foreigners Seeking Employment In Mexico Gaceta Consular

Foreigners who contemplate visiting Mexico with the intention of seeking employment can't remain in the country to work . Those who have the above purpose in mind, should first contact established com... read more

Opening A Bank Account In Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Ernie I hate to keep sounding negative, but I just closed my Mexican bank account after 3 years of frustration. The interest rate is not that great right now. Besides if the peso devalue... read more

A Discussion about immigration Discussion Thread Forum

My sister in Morelia just finished getting her FM-3 in San Miguel de Allende this week, and she ís given me the latest report: read more

Rental Income Discussion Thread Forum

We have seen long discussions on the subject of working in Mexico. I am curious about how it is to own rental property for income in Mexico. I'm thinking mainly in
terms of a condo or two which would probably be in an area like Ajijic or in one of the coastal resort areas and would probably be rented out to vacationing
Americans and Canadians.

read more

Working in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Bruce Cobb on November 07, 1996 Hi, My name is Bruce and I live in NE Washington State in a solar powered house. I work for the US forest Service at a Job Corps Center for youth 16 to 24... read more
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