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Goat and vegetable mole: Mole de caderas Karen Hursh Graber

Every year pamphlets explaining the origins of this dish, along with a list of ingredients, are distributed in Tehuacan's restaurants by the city's Gastronomic Council, an association of restaurant own... read more

A yearly culinary ritual: La matanza Karen Hursh Graber

Beginning in mid-October, and lasting for a month, a five-hundred-year-old ritual encompassing history, tradition and cuisine takes place in the valley of Tehuacan, in the Mixteca Poblana region of sou... read more

Temexla, Puebla: Perspectives from rural Mexico Charles E. Moritzky

The square five-gallon can with a slow burning fire inside generated enough heat to warm the tortillas and beans. Small containers of salsa, chilis and whatever sat on the ground. The half dozen or so ... read more
Showing 1—3 of 3 results
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