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In Morelos, Cuernavaca springs eternal Anthony Wright

"Slightly to the right and below them, below the gigantic red evening, whose reflection bled away in the deserted swimming pools scattered everywhere like so many mirages, lay the peace and sweetness... read more

On being a gringo in Mexico: From Colonel to Cuernavaca Mark Wise

Is it easy for a GEM (Gringo en Mexico)? I guess that depends on the GEM! read more

Did you know? Mexico's ancient astronomers had sophisticated calendars Tony Burton

Several ancient civilizations developed astonishingly accurate calendars. Even so, occasional adjustments were needed to bring the calendar back in line with solar events. Archaeologists studying the s... read more

Cuernavaca's Muros Museum: There's Heart within These Walls Julia Taylor

Muros, which means "walls" in Spanish, opened to the public in May of 2004. It is the only museum in Cuernavaca, Morelos originally designed to be a museum. The space is flexible with movable lighting,... read more

Inner reality: Ary Stillman in Cuernavaca Erin Cassin

Cuernavaca worked a miracle on Ary and his painting seemed revitalized. For the next few years, there was an outpouring of fantasies on canvas or paper. read more

Life translated to art: the works of Mexican painter Mara Odette Erin Cassin

Even if I see a landscape or a flower or the ocean, I can detect a human feeling, so it reminds me (that) I am human. read more

Lloyd Mexico Economic Report July 2004

Announcing that first quarter direct foreign investment totaled 7.425 billion dollars, President Vicente Fox described Mexico as the "best place in the world in which to invest". The year-end figure for foreign direct investment is likely to top 16 billion dollars.

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An American Chef In Mexico Karen Hursh Graber

Readers of this column often write to inquire about taking cooking classes in Mexico, though I never recommend one that I have not visited personally. This month, another can be added. Casa del Angel, ... read more

Mexicasa: The Enchanting Inns and Haciendas of Mexico by Gina Hyams and Melba Levick Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Gina Hyams and Melba Levick have created a wonderful compilation of photographs of twenty-one of Mexico's most spectacular and beautiful inns and bed and breakfast establishments. This one is a real winner. read more

Taking the "waters" in Mexico Bob Brooke

Ahhhh. Oohhh. Awww. Mmmmmm.” These are the sounds most often heard as bathers first step into a warm mineral pool. More and more North Americans are discovering the pleasures and benefits of soaking ... read more

Relive the romance of colonial Mexico at a hacienda hotel Bob Brooke

Staying at a Mexican hacienda hotel is like being transported back in time. The casa principal or main house usually stands before an elegant garden ablaze with purple bougainvillea and red flam... read more

El Panteon: Cuernavaca's new cemetery Maria Elena

In Cuernavaca, on the top of a hilly barranca, parallel to Calle Morelos on its way out of town, lies a beautiful new cemetery. A Panteon, already lush with bougainvillea and shrubbery loving... read more

The Reader's Companion to Mexico Reviewed by Allan Cogan

This is an odd volume. I originally bought it because it advertises itself as "a gathering of some of the best travel writing ever" about Mexico. However, you quickly find as you dip into it that not all the articles are about travel. Also, very few of them have been written in recent times. Indeed, a couple were written about 100 years ago. However, that's not a criticism. read more

Headin' South: Cuernavaca to Oaxaca Discussion Thread Forum

January 22nd … Adios Cuernavaca…Hola Oaxaca. Not sure how long it would take us to get to Oaxaca, we took off about 7 AM north out of Cuernavaca on Hwy 95D towards Mexico City and shortly thereafter turned south on Hwy 115D (which became 160 at Cuatla) towards Cuatla and Izucar de Matamoros. Although it looked longer on the map than continuing south from Izucar, the plan was to get as soon as possible to the Autopista for Puebla and then go south to Oaxaca on toll roads all the way. Although expensive, toll roads are the way to go as far as I'm concerned.

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Headin' south - Taxco to Cuernavaca Discussion Thread Forum

January 21st….After getting a couple more hours of cardio-vascular workout hiking the streets of Taxco this A.M. trying to find just the right silver trinket as a gift for my son's novia we took off for Cuernavaca about noon. No rush, as it is only about forty miles from Taxco to Cuernavaca using the Acapulco to Mexico DF toll road, Highway 95. Arriving before 1pm, poorer by $71 pesos for the three tolls charged on even this short stretch of road, we got off the Cuota and cruised Cuernavaca from south to north on the old free highway 95 looking for a hotel.

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