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Mexico's hidden black trick Marvin West

This is the story of Mexico City College and the hidden black trick. Some of you may have missed Morris (Moe) Williams, even though he was out and about for more than four decades. Beginning in the fa... read more

Frozen moments: the photos of Mexico's Ricardo Gomez Jimenez Erin Cassin

"I like the power to capture the image in that particular moment. It's like if a photo of you was taken, but you were caught in a moment. And then you see the photo and say, 'wow, I don't even recognize myself.'" read more

A million meanings: the art of Mexican painter Raul Lopez Garcia Erin Cassin

For artist Raúl López García, it is the language of his subconscious that manifests itself in his paintings. read more

Creating is being: Mexican artist Raymundo Becerril Porras Erin Cassin

"For the simple fact that we are sensitive beings, we can't stop making things, creating, seeing the world in another manner. The faculty of being, of walking through the world, of seeing is born in the habit of creating - little by little - something, anything." read more

The fiery spirit of Mexico's Carmen Mondragon Erin Cassin

Known as Nahui Ollin, Mondragón is remembered as a figure in the art scene of the 1920s and as an uninhibited woman who paved the way for female liberation in Mexico. read more

Chile Seed Pipian: Pipián de Semillas de Chile Karen Hursh Graber

It is customary for Mexican cooks to save the seeds they remove from dried chiles and store them, mixing several varieties in the same jar. This traditional recipe from El Bajio restaurant in Mexico Ci... read more

Treasures in Heaven, a Novel by Kathleen Alcala Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Here's an interesting novel set in turn-of-the-century Mexico City. It's a story that's mainly concerned with women's rights, which were just about non-existent in those times, and the political turbulence preceding the Mexican Revolution. Estela, a rather attractive and spirited lady, lives in a small rural town with her infant son, Noé. We meet her at the point in her life when she is leaving her husband and heading for Mexico City. Essentially she's looking for her former lover, Dr. Victor Carranza. read more

Mexico's Olympic memories Marvin West

It's showtime in Athens. The Greeks are all stirred up about the Olympic Games, worrying about terrorist threats and who's going to pay the bills when the party is over and everybody goes home. Thirty... read more

The renovation of Mexico City's Historic Center

Mexico City is one of the world's largest urban centers, and its population continues to grow at a rate unequaled by any other area in the nation. The Mexico City region has long been the center of eco... read more

Dining in the DF: food and drink in Mexico's capital Karen Hursh Graber

A look at the myriad dining experiences to be had in the capital itself, Mexico City, commonly known as "el D.F.," short for Distrito Federal. read more

Travelling in Mexico City's Zona Rosa

The Zona Rosa is located conveniently close to Mexico City's Centro Histórico . It lies on the northern side of the famous Paseo de la Reforma (a long tree-lined street modeled after the Champs-Elysé... read more

Patrick Dennis, art lover Maria Elena

Patrick Dennis found me in Sullivan Park, just behind El Monumento de la Madre in Mexico City, one fine Sunday, and changed my life. His buddy, Nina Olds, Gore Vidal's mother, and my mother's buddy an... read more

Mexico City's miracle mile (or two) Bill Begalke

"Wait," she protested. She bent over the crouched photographer busily framing the pleasant scene for posterity, his camera at the ready, shutter cocked. She spoke loudly into his ear. "Wait!" On the v... read more

The Aztecs speak - part 3 Shep Lenchek

Quetzalcoatl was coming. Moctezuma had already sent wizards, magicians and seers, to cast spells that would destroy or at least deter the Spaniards from continuing toward his capital. Their failure had... read more

Did You Know? Mexico in the Guinness world records: part two Tony Burton

An earlier column described several Guinness records and their connection to Mexico and Mexicans. This month's column examines four more very different Guinness records which do not involve quite as mu... read more

Trotsky's Ghost Charles Dews

I am not now, nor have I ever been a member of the Communist Party (although I did subscribe to the Daily World during the wild and woolly Sixties), but a visit to Leon Trotsky´s house in Coyoacán ha... read more

Feliz Navidad from Mexico City Karen Blue

In a winter devoid of snow and blistery winds, one has to work a little harder to bring the Christmas spirit to life. In the latter part of November, Ajijic holds its annual nine-day fiesta in celebra... read more

Planting the seeds of democracy in Mexico City Karina Ioffee

"El ombligo del universo" the ancient Mayas used to say about Mexico City. "The bellybutton of the world." Within this city of 17 million, there are many central spots, but, in my opinion, none stand o... read more

Mexico City: Urban deconstruction Elena Nichols

Calle Moneda in Mexico City dead-ends at the zocalo, and is virtually a pedestrian walkway. © Rick Meyer, 2001 With a population oscillating at around 20 million, streets jammed with cars, and bui... read more

A writer's education from the mean streets of Mexico City Reviewed by Dean Gallagher

Plaza Garibaldi, 2 a.m., and the mean streets are bopping. Beers flowing. Flowing friends. Tequilas, too. Maybe a few too many. What the hell. You'll get a taxi ... You are a writer and this is a fi... read more

Mexico City Memories Chris Stewart

There is absolutely no place in this world or any other quite like Mexico City. I don't quite understand why so many people avoid it. One of these days, whenever I can get together enough money or land... read more
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