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Personal reminiscences of Mexico's Huichol people IV: Ritual dance Ronald A. Barnett ©

Panoramic view of Teotihuacan looking south from the top of the Pyramid of the Moon. You can see the Pyramid of the Sun.
© Rick Meyer, 2001
In 1996, I attended the Fiesta de las Plantas Medicinales held that year in San Martin de los Piramides not far from the famous archaeological site of Teotihuacan with its pyramids of the Sun and the Moon. There was a feeling of great spiritual power in the air that day. read more

Did You Know? A fungus from Mexico and the Irish potato famine Tony Burton

There wouldn't be many Irish people in the United States if it wasn't for a Mexican fungus. The census of 1841 in Ireland recorded a population of about 8 million. This figure was a staggering 300% m... read more

Tlalnepantla - the land in-between Jeffrey R. Bacon

Some time around the turn of the eleventh century indigenous tribes from the Valley of Anahuac trekked north and settled in the land that Franciscans, half a millennium later baptized, "Tlanepantla". T... read more

Mexico family roots: the Soteno Trees of Life Erin Cassin and Kinich Ramirez

For the Soteno brethren of Metepec in the State of Mexico, creating the sculptures known as árboles de la vida (trees of life) is more than an art form - it is a family tradition. It all began i... read more

A Gastronomic Circuit Around the City or When Lost in Mexico, Follow Your Stomach: El Estado de Mexico Karen Hursh Graber

A friend from western Mexico is on the phone, planning a trip to visit us down south in Oaxaca. "From the map, it looks like there's a freeway loop around Mexico City," he says hopefully. Yes, well. ... read more

Pictures of Teotihuacan, Mexico Rick Meyer

Teotihuacan (pronounced teh-oh-tee-wah-KAHN or teh-oh-tee-WAH-kan — experts differ on which is correct) is an archaeological site some 50 kilometers north of downtown Mexico City but still in the Val... read more

Map of Teotihuacán Rick Meyer

  Map courtesy of Lonely Planet Travel Books. Their Guide to Mexico is the best Mexico travel book on the market. Available for immediate shipping at Amazon.Com... read more

Malinalco: A fount of Mexico's history Rhonda Tranks

As you drive the winding road into town, you catch glimpses of it perched like an eagle's aerie on a ridge of the mountains that ring the valley. The small archaeological site, which overlooks Malinalc... read more

The Magic Of Chalma Rhonda Tranks

Chalma, about an hour and a half by car from Cuernavaca, is a rather grubby little town, which few foreigners visit. Yet on weekends and holy days, the place is packed with pilgrims, who come to worshi... read more

Mythology and legends of the Nahua people: Creation of the Fifth Sun at Teotihuacan Julie Black

Mythology and Legends of the Nahua People: Essays on Ancient Mexico Part 1: "The Creation of the Universe" Part 2: "Legend of the Fifth Sun" Part 3: "Creation of the Fifth Sun at Teotihuaca... read more

Monastic getaway from Mexico City: El Carmen de Tenancingo Jonathan Whitaker

Let's face it. Escaping Mexico City can be a great thing. Now more than ever. So much so that one would think that this unrestrained monster we call the Federal District, and the paranoia revolving ... read more

The Reader's Companion to Mexico Reviewed by Allan Cogan

This is an odd volume. I originally bought it because it advertises itself as "a gathering of some of the best travel writing ever" about Mexico. However, you quickly find as you dip into it that not all the articles are about travel. Also, very few of them have been written in recent times. Indeed, a couple were written about 100 years ago. However, that's not a criticism. read more

The great pyramids of Teotihuacan, Mexico: Place of the gods Allan Cogan

Teotihuacan is one of the major tourist attractions in Mexico City — a place that’s full of attractions. I urge you to go. It’s easy to get to. There are decent eating places out there and lots to see and do. There’s a museum and a cultural center and plenty of places to buy souvenirs. And if you’re feeling energetic, try the climb up to the top of either pyramid. read more

Mushrooms in vinaigrette: Hongos en escabeche Karen Hursh Graber

Wild mushrooms are found in abundance in the states of Puebla, Tlaxcala and Estado de Mexico during and after the rainy season, and used in soups, quesadillas and vegetable dishes. Although the comadre... read more
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