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Traditional Food Festival in Morelia David Haun

Run, don't walk to the next Michoacan Traditional Food Festival (Cocineras Tradicionales) at the Convention Center in Morelia. The entrance is a stairway to heaven and you are about to eat food fit for gods and goddesses. The name "Traditional" only partially describes the Festival because it is traditional woman, in traditional clothing, cooking traditional recipes, with traditional utensils. However,...

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Where The Butterflies Are Larry Landwehr

Our two friends from AmSoc told Mary and me about going to see the Monarch butterflies. Every year the Monarchs migrate from Canada and the US to their winter home in central Mexico. As they migrate, s... read more

Arte plumaria: the feather art of Martha Lopez Luna Travis Whitehead

The 52-year-old artisan and married mother of three sons only began working in arte plumaria in 1999, but she has already earned an impressive reputation for herself. A book featuring her work titled Mi Collar, Mi Pequeña Pluma (My Necklace, My Little Feather) contains photos of her images endowed with a calamitous beauty . . . read more

Morelia: Cultural world heritage

The Spanish Virrey Don Antonio de Mendoza founded the city of Morelia back in 1541, calling it "Valladolid" after the city of the same name in Spain. In tribute to the national hero Don Jose Maria Mor... read more

Morelia: A land of adventures for children

Morelia is a colonial city, capital of the Mexican state of Michoacan, which is well-known for its majestic buildings, squares (plazas), gardens, an aqueduct of wondrous proportions and all of this ... read more

Mexico's peace and beauty: Roaming the hills around Morelia Hans Nienstaedt

Roberto, one of my Mexican neighbors once asked if he could hike with me. He had heard rumors that I roamed the hills around Morelia. I, of course, said: "Yes." It is good to have company when you hike... read more

Memories of Morelia: Tall buildings, Janitzio and a hamburger Enrique Garduño

I was nine years old the first time I visited Morelia, in 1973. I was living with my family in Xicotepec, a small town in the north of the State of Puebla. We spent our summer vacation that year with m... read more

Traveling to Mexico with children Molly McHugh

My son had a month of low-cost, high-quality art instruction, and a ton of fun. read more

Molly's tamales! Paddy and Molly Mulligan

"Morelia is a taco town", Molly remarked over morning coffee a few months ago. I didn't say anything because I knew her remark wasn't meant to be critical. It's just that after living in Morelia for a ... read more

Eight - On To Morelia And Patzcuaro Christina Nealson

We get out of town, skipping the tianguis of Ajijic. It was just … time to leave. Journal, June 4, 2003 We pile into the packed car once again. Destination... read more

Why are there so few ex-pats living in Morelia? Allan Cogan

It’s a surprise to visit a likeable, livable city like Morelia for the first time and find there’s almost no gringo community there. In fact, one resident put the number at 100 to 150 total. And only a handful of those are the retirees who are so prevelant in Jalisco. Most Americans, for example, are associated with the university in Morelia, as both teachers and students. read more

Link to clickable interactive map of Michoacán, Mexico Tony Burton

Interactive map of Michoacán, Mexico read more

Personal Views of Easter in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Semana Santa in Morelia means a vacation at home for me. For one thing, I don't want to become a statistic by hitting the open road, and for another, I don't like crowds. But most importantly, I bask in those times when the help are gone and it's just me and my Doberboys.

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Mexican pigeons do not fly in a straight line! Paddy and Molly Mulligan

It all started when I took Molly to one of the downtown parks here in Morelia, a park crammed with pretty flowers, spraying fountains and Jacarandas in full bloom. We soon found ourselves enjoying a qu... read more

Finding joy in daily life in Morelia jennifer j. rose

I always knew I’d end up in Mexico, but I didn’t know where. Mexico City holds world-class fascination, but there’s a reason even the idle rich have second homes elsewhere. Chapala had just too m... read more

Trip report: Morelia, Michoacan Discussion Thread Forum

Posted by Fernando on August 31, 1999 My family spent nine weeks based in Morelia in June-August 1999. This was our third summer in Mexico, with the summers of 1997 and 1998 in Oaxaca and Xalapa... read more
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