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The Meseta Purepecha in Michoacan

This guide takes you through the highways and backroads of Michoacán, where time seems to have stopped amid the jewels of colonial architecture and life in the Meseta Purépecha. Michoacán is history, culture, tradition, customs, fairs, fiestas, dances, music, arts and crafts, cuisine, architecture, archaeology, and diverse natural beauty. The Meseta Purépecha is the best example of what makes up Michoacán, and that's why Michoacán is the soul of Mexico.

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Traditional Food Festival in Morelia David Haun

Run, don't walk to the next Michoacan Traditional Food Festival (Cocineras Tradicionales) at the Convention Center in Morelia. The entrance is a stairway to heaven and you are about to eat food fit for gods and goddesses. The name "Traditional" only partially describes the Festival because it is traditional woman, in traditional clothing, cooking traditional recipes, with traditional utensils. However,...

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Journey to Patamban, Michoacan Allan Cogan

The Fiesta de Cristo Rey has become as famous as many of the Day of the Dead rites in other communities around Mexico. It's the peak of the flower growing season in Michoacán and the residents not only gather the flowers to decorate the streets but they also paint the streets with incredible and startling floral designs. read more

The state of Michoacán, Mexico - resource page Mexconnect Staff

Michoacán - the soul of Mexico The state of Michoacán is an uncommon place. From the sugar cane fields of Los Reyes, the avocados, coffee, and macadamia nuts of Uruapan, the melon fields of Apatzing... read more

Mexican macadamia nuts: culinary gold Karen Hursh Graber

A trip to the cloud covered village of Cuetzalan, high in the Sierra of Puebla, elicited questions. How does the regional dress of pure white cotton stay so clean when it rains nearly every day? How do vehicles get to the center of town when most of the cobblestone streets are stairways rather than roads? And how is it that some of Mexico's most remote farms are growing one of the world's most expensive luxury foods? read more

David Santos Alonso: ceramic art in the Mexico town of Cocucho Travis Whitehead

David Santos Alonso massaged the clay flower pot as stinging smoke skulked from the wooden cooking area. Inside the kitchen, his wife Maria Lydia prepared tortillas on a comal over a brick fogon next t... read more

Night in Mina Dos Estrellas, a haunted mine in Mexico Anthony Wright

The Dos Estrellas (Two Stars) mine has had a long and checkered history. It was a fabled producer of gold and silver in the 18th century. Then one night more than 70 years ago, the god of the mine vented its wrath, unleashing a tragedy on those who made a living from its veins. read more

Antonia Cruz Rafael: the ceramics of Ocumicho, Michoacan Travis Whitehead

They crept and crawled, oozed and slithered from the clay, prickly spiders and sneaky snakes and pesky lizards darting from the dark wet dough, turtles swimming to its surface, bug-eyed devils rising from the mud, all brought to life by the magic touch of Antonia Cruz Rafael. Ocumicho is part of a cluster of villages in western Michoacan known for its clay crafts. read more

Zirahuen, Michoacan: Mexico's Walden Pond Linda Breen Pierce

When I first set eyes on the pure, crystal blue waters of Lago (lake) Zirahuén in the central highlands of Mexico, my stomach did a nose dive. How could such striking alpine beauty exist in a country ... read more

A Michoacan tradition: the needlework artistry of Hermelinda Reyes Travis Whitehead

Her bold hands coax the thread through white cotton, relinquishing a fragment of the kaleidoscopic hues within her soul to cavort freely across the snowy landscape. The joints of her fingers moving wit... read more

Where The Butterflies Are Larry Landwehr

Our two friends from AmSoc told Mary and me about going to see the Monarch butterflies. Every year the Monarchs migrate from Canada and the US to their winter home in central Mexico. As they migrate, s... read more

Arte plumaria: the feather art of Martha Lopez Luna Travis Whitehead

The 52-year-old artisan and married mother of three sons only began working in arte plumaria in 1999, but she has already earned an impressive reputation for herself. A book featuring her work titled Mi Collar, Mi Pequeña Pluma (My Necklace, My Little Feather) contains photos of her images endowed with a calamitous beauty . . . read more

Introduction to Michoacan: The soul of Mexico

Michoacán is unique and one-of-a-kind, the perfect fusion of Natural Beauty, Picturesque Towns, Art and Culture. To travel to Michoacán is to take a trip through the extraordinary history, culture and folklore of México. To journey to Michoacán is to discover and learn what is the soul of México.

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Alfredo Zalce: Mexican muralist and Michoacan's living legend Sam Houston

Alfredo Zalce, at age 94, is the elder of Mexico's last living renowned, great revolutionary muralists. He was born in Patzcuaro, in the state of Michoacan, on January 12, 1908. During his early year... read more

Morelia: Cultural world heritage

The Spanish Virrey Don Antonio de Mendoza founded the city of Morelia back in 1541, calling it "Valladolid" after the city of the same name in Spain. In tribute to the national hero Don Jose Maria Mor... read more

Playa Azul and Caleta de Campos: Exceptional beaches in Michoacan Mary Kundzins

In a country filled with wonderful beaches and resorts, what could possibly prompt someone to visit Playa Azul? Perhaps because it's there - representing the only sizeable beach town along the 250km o... read more

Morelia: A land of adventures for children

Morelia is a colonial city, capital of the Mexican state of Michoacan, which is well-known for its majestic buildings, squares (plazas), gardens, an aqueduct of wondrous proportions and all of this ... read more

The artesanias of Michoacan: An introduction

A guide to the highways and byways of Michoacan's handcraft routes, through the highways and byways of the Soul of Mexico. read more

Mexico's peace and beauty: Roaming the hills around Morelia Hans Nienstaedt

Roberto, one of my Mexican neighbors once asked if he could hike with me. He had heard rumors that I roamed the hills around Morelia. I, of course, said: "Yes." It is good to have company when you hike... read more

Guide to alternative tourism in Michoacan

Introduction Michoacán is recognized in México for its perfect combination of colors and flavors, the melancholy and joy of its music, the joy and vitality of its dances, its cultural wealth, its tr... read more

A Mexican song tours the state: Caminos de Michoacan

Caminos de Michoacan (an old ranchera song) by composer: Bulmaro Bermude is a musical tour of this Mexican state. read more

Memories of Morelia: Tall buildings, Janitzio and a hamburger Enrique Garduño

I was nine years old the first time I visited Morelia, in 1973. I was living with my family in Xicotepec, a small town in the north of the State of Puebla. We spent our summer vacation that year with m... read more

Jose Maria Alejos Madrigal: Generations of ceramic creativity in San Jose de Gracia, Michoacan Travis Whitehead

"I learned from my parents. It's been passed down from generation to generation." read more

Cupatitzio Gorge National Park in Uruapan Travis Whitehead

The paths are riddled with streams of water that exhale their sweet musty breath as they descend toward the river; the forest is bathed in a powerful mist, emboldened by its fragility where the thunder... read more

The colorful wood carvings of Cuanajo, Michoacan Travis Whitehead

An endless number of approaches to familiar motifs show themselves throughout the town. A trogon, its cherry red neck gleaming against a body of emerald green, crawls up the side of a picture frame, f... read more
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