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Plaza-Style Chicken: Pollo Placero Karen Hursh Graber

From early evening until late at night, stands are set up in the plazas of Morelia, Pátzcuaro and other cities in Michoacan selling this popular supper. We watched women bring the different elements of this dish - chicken, vegetables and enchilada sauce - which had been pre-cooked at home, then heat them in hot oil or lard just before serving individual customers. The same thing is easy to do for guests, preparing the chicken, vegetables and enchilada sauce separately, ahead of time, and frying and assembling just before serving. Use individual oval platters if possible.

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Why are there so few ex-pats living in Morelia? Allan Cogan

It’s a surprise to visit a likeable, livable city like Morelia for the first time and find there’s almost no gringo community there. In fact, one resident put the number at 100 to 150 total. And only a handful of those are the retirees who are so prevelant in Jalisco. Most Americans, for example, are associated with the university in Morelia, as both teachers and students. read more

Four Wings and a Prayer: Caught in the Mystery of the Monarch Butterfly by Sue Halpern Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Monarchs are genuinely fascinating creatures and here's a book that really does justice to their story. The travel accomplished by Monarchs is simply mind-boggling. They fly forty miles a day on average but sometimes - depending on winds and weather - they can manage up to 200 miles between dawn and dusk. Those born to the East of the Rockies usually go to Mexico. Those born to the West mostly go to California. All flying is done in daylight - never at night. read more

Michoacan's rural education Amanda Villagómez

Stating what it means to be Mexican is not an easy topic to define, but the rural education system helps in forming a sense of being Mexico for many young people in Michoacán’s rural areas. The hist... read more

Michoacán-Style Rice with Chorizo: Morisqueta con Chorizo Karen Hursh Graber

In this recipe, the rice is good first and then combined with the other ingredients, making it a good way to use leftover cooked rice. Ingredients: 2 tablespoons vegetable oil ¼ cup chopp... read more

Link to clickable interactive map of Michoacán, Mexico Tony Burton

Interactive map of Michoacán, Mexico read more

Lloyd Mexico Economic Report September 2002


Personal Views of Easter in Mexico Discussion Thread Forum

Semana Santa in Morelia means a vacation at home for me. For one thing, I don't want to become a statistic by hitting the open road, and for another, I don't like crowds. But most importantly, I bask in those times when the help are gone and it's just me and my Doberboys.

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Clickable interactive map of Pacific Coast beaches: Jalisco, Nayarit, Colima, Michoacán, Mexico Tony Burton

Clickable interactive map of Pacific Coast beaches: Jalisco, Nayarit, Colima, Michoacan, Mexico read more

Map of Pátzcuaro Rick Meyer

A street map of of the city Pátzcuaro read more

Tzurumutaro, Michoacan: a town at the crossroads jennifer j. rose

The town had been sort of a laughing stock, ignored by outsiders,one of those dusty lonely little burgs where no one seemed particularly interested in much beyond survival. Like sad and decrepit towns ... read more

Western Mexico: A Traveller's Treasury by Tony Burton Reviewed by Allan Cogan

This useful volume is back in a new and updated edition and it’s still as essential as ever. Whether you’re making a brief visit as a tourist, or escaping the northern winter for a few months or checking out the area more extensively as a place to spend one’s retirement years, this is one item you should have in your survival kit. It’s a nice blend of guidebook, travelogue and history text with lots of local color and some ecological notes sprinkled throughout. read more

Mexican pigeons do not fly in a straight line! Paddy and Molly Mulligan

It all started when I took Molly to one of the downtown parks here in Morelia, a park crammed with pretty flowers, spraying fountains and Jacarandas in full bloom. We soon found ourselves enjoying a qu... read more

Honor, vengeance and machismo Cat Gonzales

Bitter are the fruits they eat in Michoacán, black oval fruits the size of an olive, borne in the summer on the capelin tree. Bitter is the story told to me in a mountain pueblo in the northeast corne... read more

Spicy Braised Pork: Puerco Estilo Apatzingan Karen Hursh Graber

The area around Apatzingan is famous for its pork. The flavor of this dish is somewhat reminiscent of the carnitas for which Michoacán is famous. Unlike carnitas, the pork is baked in the oven instead of fried in lard, and the seasoning ingredients make serving a salsa unnecessary.

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Sweet Milk Curd Dessert: Chongos Zamoranos Karen Hursh Graber

This dessert is so popular in Mexico that it comes in cans, but nothing beats home made. Chongo is the Spanish word for a chignon, which the curds resemble when they separate from the whey. This dessert should be prepared in an earthenware pot such as a Mexican clay cazuela.

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Uruapan: The real Mexico jennifer j. rose

They call it "the place where the flowers bloom," this steamy edge of subtropical landscape, as rich in history as it is in surprise and beauty where superlatives and contrasts abound.

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Finding joy in daily life in Morelia jennifer j. rose

I always knew I’d end up in Mexico, but I didn’t know where. Mexico City holds world-class fascination, but there’s a reason even the idle rich have second homes elsewhere. Chapala had just too m... read more

Zirahuen, Michoacan: Like Prozac in the air jennifer j. rose

A short kilometer from Santa Clara de Cobre, on the way to Ario de Rosales, a bust of a young Lazaro Cardenas nods toward Zirahuen. "I'm sort of proud of this road, now that it has been improved," I re... read more

Where to stay in Santa Clara del Cobre and Erongaricuaro jennifer j. rose

HACIENDA MARIPOSAS We weren't sure what to expect as we wheeled into Hacienda Mariposa's entrance, greeted by German Shepherds. Of course, we'd visited the website, http://www.haciendamariposas.c... read more
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