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The state of Zacatecas, Mexico - resource page Mexconnect Staff

Zacatecas - a place to return to! Millions of Americans today look to the Mexican state of Zacatecas as their ancestral homeland. In this section, we focus on the fascinating state of Zacatecas, which... read more

Persian qanats in Western Mexico John Pint

Three thousand years ago engineers in Persia devised an ingenious solution to one of mankind's most serious problems in areas without rivers and lakes: how to get water from point A, where it abounds, ... read more

Guadalupe in Zacatecas: masterpieces of colonial art Jane Ammeson

Guadalupe's real treasure is the magnificent Church of the Virgin of Guadalupe with its three chapels and a convent, home to Franciscan monks. Part of the convent has been turned into the Museo de Guadalupe. It is one of the largest collections of religious art in North America. read more

Zacatecas style enchiladas: Enchiladas zacatecanos Karen Hursh Graber

The word "zacatecano" used to describe a dish quite often indicates that it contains the combination of poblano chiles and cream. read more

Jerez, Zacatecas: a magical town Jane Ammeson

Though most of the town is lovely, it's the historic section, dating back to when the town was founded in 1536 and centered around the Rafael Paez Garden, that creates a feel of wandering back into tim... read more

Visiting Zacatecas, a UNESCO World Heritage City Jane Ammeson

We follow a meandering street that twists and turns like the best of any Medieval European city. But that, in a way, is what Zacatecas is. A soft dusk has settled over the cobblestone streets of... read more

Bound for Mexico Anthony Maulucci

She felt elated, free, exhilarated by the striking beauty of her new environment. Here was the real Mexico, she thought. The authenticity of the place was like a grainy texture, almost palpable, thickening the atmosphere. It was both comforting and satisfying... Her senses were in a heightened state of receptivity, and the images penetrated deeply into her psyche where they seemed to stir up dormant yearnings for something she did not yet fully understand read more

The indigenous past of Zacatecas John P. Schmal

Millions of Americans today look to the Mexican state of Zacatecas as their ancestral homeland. But it is very difficult to locate historical information on Zacatecas in the English language media. As ... read more

South from Zacatecas: La Quemada archaeological site and Jerez, an undiscovered colonial gem Tony Burton

Click for interactive map Two sites within an hour's drive south of Zacatecas make it well worthwhile to linger at least an extra day when visiting this splendid colonial treasure, described in a p... read more

Hats off to Sombrerete in the state of Zacatecas Tony Burton

Several small towns in northern Mexico offer a welcome respite and interesting overnight stop for tourists bored by the long and monotonous stretches of desert driving on their way south. One such dest... read more

Zacatecas: a labyrinth of riches Tony Burton

State Map Link (Each image is an active link to an enlargement) The city of Zacatecas in northern Mexico is not only a veritable labyrinth of winding streets but also a fascinating la... read more

Did you know? Mexico has more than one geographic center Tony Burton

Mexico has more than one geographic center. I've often been asked, "Where's the center of Mexico?", and I've always deliberately fudged my reply, but is there a simple answer to this question? Well, p... read more

Clickable interactive map of Zacatecas and Aguascalientes states, Mexico: Zacatecas city, Fresnillo, Jerez, La Quemada, Sombrerete Tony Burton

Map of Zacatecas and Aguascalientes states: Zacatecas, Jerez, Fresnillo, Aguascalientes, Mexico... read more

Savory Braised Pork: Asado de Boda Karen Hursh Graber

As its name implies, this dish is traditionally served at weddings. The addition of chocolate makes it reminiscent of mole poblano, but the depth of flavor is achieved with far fewer ingredients. On... read more

Milk Candy: Jamoncillo de Leche Karen Hursh Graber

This very typical regional sweet, resembling milk fudge, is sold all over Zacatecas. It should be made several hours or a day ahead and covered with plastic wrap. Ingredients: 1 quart whole m... read more

Zacatecas Style Enchiladas: Enchiladas Zacatecanos Karen Hursh Graber

The word "zacatecano" used to describe a dish quite often indicates that it contains the combination of poblano chiles and cream. Ingredients: 12 corn tortillas vegetable oil as neces... read more

Zacatecas: Culinary Gateway Karen Hursh Graber

The state of Zacatecas, in the northwestern part of the central Mexican plateau, has been culturally significant since pre-Hispanic times, when it was one of the few holdouts not conquered by the Aztec... read more

Zacatecas: an easy step into Mexico Allan Cogan

"Zacatecas is the town everyone wants to go back to," a friend said to me when I mentioned that we were going there. It is a charming, colonial city, and a fairly well-to-do university town with nice hotels, friendly, well-dressed people and some good attractions. In fact, on that first day, we liked it so much we decided to stay another night read more

Zacatecas cowboy stew: Puchero vaquero de Zacatecas Karen Hursh Graber

This stew, a product of Mexico's cattle ranches, originally utilized just about any part of the cow that was available, including the udders. It is a simple, tasty one-pot meal that reflects the lifest... read more
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