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Tony Burton's Self-Guided Tours: The Sights of Monterrey Tony Burton

Monterrey may not be the oldest city in the country, or retain many signs of its colonial past, but it is one of Mexico's most vibrant cities today, with lots of sights for the traveler. Interactive co... read more

Did you know? Mexico was a very different place fifty years ago Tony Burton

G. M. Bashford's Tourist Guide to Mexico was first published exactly fifty years ago in 1954. It was one of a spate of motoring book guides written after World War II as Americans began to hit the open... read more

Did You Know? Mexico in the Guinness world records: part one Tony Burton

In the current edition of Guinness, the Mexican responsible for most records is Sergio Rodriguez Villarreal from the northern state of Nuevo León. He specializes in creating giant Christmas figures an... read more

Mexican painter Lorena Rodriguez: from the personal to the universal Erin Cassin

Lorena Rodríguez is shattering stereotypes about Mexican women one brushstroke at a time. Her multidimensional, female characters inhabit Mexico's contemporary landscape. Her paintings explore the many layers that comprise these women and the society in which they live. read more

Mexico Economic Updates September 2006 Tony Burton

Rapid GDP growth According to the Finance Secretariat and the National Statistics Institute (INEGI), the nation's GDP rose 4.7% in the second quarter (compared to the equivalent period of 2005) to a r... read more

Lloyd Mexico Economic Report - February 2000

FEBRUARY, 2000   With permission from Lloyd S.A. de C.V. See their Page on Mexico Connect.   CONTENTS: REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN NEW BONDS TUNA PROSPECTS MEXICO CITY ... read more

Nuevo León: northern hot seat Ron Mader


Buying a home in Mexico Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

Who would have thought that buying a house in Mexico would be such a scandal? Maybe it should have occurred to me beforehand that I would encounter some very unusual problems while trying to acquire pr... read more

Who would have thought? Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

I've been very quiet for the past few months; I apologize for the silence. I'm finally back, and I have BIIIIIIIIG news. No, it's not a divorce, or a birth, or a career change that brought me a six-fig... read more

By the way ... Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

I've been living and working in Mexico for almost two years, and lately, I've been reflecting a great deal about my experiences-and my articles. I was going to write about Mexican family economics (and... read more

To bribe or not to bribe? Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

There´s no denying it - Mexico is a beautiful land. But there is no uglier sight in this world than what I am about to describe. Imagine a portly man dressed in black pants with a yellow stripe down t... read more

A dog's life Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

About three months ago, I was at the mall with Carlos. It was a Sunday like any other; we were simply out for a stroll around the shopping center. Carlos always goes to the pet store to look at the dog... read more

Mexican family economics Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

One of my first questions upon arriving to Monterrey was, "How do people survive here?" Salaries are so embarrassingly low for the majority of the population, and the cost of living is sky high. So how... read more

Odds And Ends, Or Forty Things Everyone Should Know Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

While in Mexico I have learned many things, some of them nice and some of them not so nice. Most of what I have "learned" just makes me chuckle, like the time my mother-in-law told me I would get anemi... read more

Mexican driver's ed, a Monterrey perspective Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

I can think of nothing more torturous than driving in Mexico. A free for all with life-threatening vehicles is not my idea of fun or adventure, but Mexicans seem to love it. When I first started drivin... read more

Learning to live in Mexico - index Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

In July 2002, I moved from Boston, Massachusetts, to Monterrey, Mexico, with the intention of remaining there for the rest of my life. It was an "international love affair" that brought me there. But I... read more

An unexpected visit Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

It was 12:30 in the morning. All of a sudden I woke with a start. BOOM. BOOM. BOOM. What was that? I usually wake up at the slightest noise. There was a lot of noise outside the bedroom door. ... read more

A bonding of families and countries Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

I can't say I was thrilled with the idea at first, but I was never against it either. My daughter spent her junior year at Harvard studying in Spain. She came home with new-found worldliness, self-conf... read more

Who am I, and how did I end up in Mexico? Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

I remember my introduction to the theory of Chaos in the movie Jurassic Park. Mathematician Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) takes the top of Dr. Sattler's hand (Laura Dern) and drops a tiny drop of water o... read more

5.5 dimensions of cross-cultural love part 2 Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

Last month I compared the phases of cross-cultural love to being inside the head of John Malkovich. This month, only 50 days away from my wedding, my perspective has changed; I don´t think being John ... read more

"Mamítis" in Mexico Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

HEALTH ADVISORY: Beware of the Mexican affliction widely known as "Mamítis". Mamítis rears its ugly head in just about every Mexican family. It is insidious and slow to sho... read more

Latin lovers or macho men? Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

Mexican men, like the rest of the world, get their ideas about American women from watching talk shows, soap operas, and movies. Therefore, they think we are terribly easy, unfaithful, and willing to h... read more

Crossing over: embracing my Mexican life Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

I should have known from the start that the wedding would be a success. I was too quick to doubt the power of such an event to unite people across physical, social, cultural, and linguistic barriers. A... read more

Who let the dogs out? Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

I had a dream. It was a grandiose dream featuring a pristine line of little tollbooths spanning a highway 25 lanes wide. Hundreds of cars were waiting patiently, equally distributed among the 25 lanes.... read more
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