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Secret places in Mexico Marvin West

Ojo de Lago 1997
As a child, I sometimes read comic books for entertainment. I did not believe in flying dragons but they certainly stimulated the imagination. As an old-timer, older than dirt, I read travel writers just for fun. I do believe some write at great length about Mexico without ever visiting. Case in point: Smarter Travel magazine had a headline about Mexico secret places. That got my undivided attention. "Ready to discover the real Mexico? If you haven't yet ventured beyond the mega resorts and Senor Frog franchises, here's help. In these 10 cities, undiscovered by most American travelers, you'll see another side of Mexico." The thought of learning about 10 places “undiscovered by most American travelers” was exciting. For many years we have traveled widely but, unlike the Hank Snow long-ago song, we have not been everywhere. read more

I Love Baja! Reviewed by James Tipton

I Love Baja book cover
The title of Mikel Miller's new book, I Love Baja!, was inspired by locals who again and again told him, "I love Baja!". These same locals, reading this new edition of I Love Baja!, are probably saying, "I love Mikel's book," because it is written by a former resident who indeed knows and loves Baja... but it is also useful to those already living there and, in fact, fascinating to all Mexico aficionados... read more

Mexico main event: Baja 1000 rerun on TV Marvin West

San Felipe desert
The world's toughest motor vehicle race, the Baja 1000, followed an 883-mile desert loop designed by the devil himself, out, up, down and around, across washes and over boulders, on the most inhospitable terrain of the Baja California peninsula, starting and finishing in Ensenada. read more

Mexico's San Felipe: A living desert museum Bruce F. Barber

San Felipe is the center of a living museum that has witnessed the passage of a continuum of men, women and children for the past 2- to 3,000 years. Whereas evidence of their existence remains in most ... read more

In Mexico, Baja beckons expats Patti Morrow

Married, single, young, old, with kids in tow, retired or entrepreneurs — Baja Mexico is enticing expats with its promise of a better lifestyle. The choices are unlimited. The colorful culture of col... read more

Mexico real estate: Beach bargains in Baja Patti Morrow

I looked at him with what could only be described as pure skepticism. "Affordable, direct ocean view Mexico real estate and just steps from the beach?" I said. "Show me." As realtor and expat Max Katz... read more

Crossing to Tijuana: The Blue Line Henry Biernacki

The people waiting at the Civic Center either went to get someone out of jail or take the train to the US-Mexico border. That was life, dia y noche in San Diego and the most charming way to enter Mexico, via Tijuana. read more

San Felipe: Baja California life on Mexico's Sea of Cortez Bob Miller

I had dreamed about moving to Mexico for decades. As retirement approached, I began to look seriously at places to check out. Having lived in San Diego for decades, going to Mexico along the Baja Calif... read more

Driving the Baja Highway Ed Kociela

The Baja 1,000 is considered one of the most dangerous, but exciting, races in the world. It winds through mountains and desert in the most remote parts of Baja California with drivers dodging Mother Nature's homespun hazards like rugged dry washes and rapid changes in altitude. They also deal with free-roaming livestock, rattlesnakes and one of the largest concentrations of big, bad cacti on the planet. read more

Driving Baja: A Guide for First Timers Reviewed by James Tipton

This short book tries to answer questions that first-time Snowbirds who are thinking about driving (perhaps with RVs) down the Baja are likely to ask: "…could we really do it? Is it safe to drive there? Are the roads OK? What if the car breaks down? How do we buy food? Can we take the dog? What if we get sick? Can we drink the water?" Baja California is a peninsula, over 1,000 miles long. read more

Back to Baja: Some favorite dishes get a makeover Karen Hursh Graber

Tip of the Baja, Where the Sea of Cortés meets the Pacific.
© Dr. Ilya Treyger

There are few places more relaxing than Baja California, and no time better to go there than winter. This Mexican peninsula that straddles the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez seems to have been created for relieving stress and renewing the spirit. The "winter blues" are banished here, where the only blues are the sunny skies and clear water.

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Shrimp in damiana and tequila sauce: Camarones al damiana y tequila Karen Hursh Graber

Damiana is a small, yellow flowered shrub that grows wild in Baja. The leaves and stems are picked fresh when the plant is flowering, and dried to make liqueur. It is used frequently with tequila, and ... read more

Traveler's Guide to Camping Mexico's Baja by Mike and Terry Church James Tipton

Rolling Homes Press, 2008 Available from Amazon Books: Paperback Available from Amazon Books: Paperback A while ago, I reviewed for Mexico Connect another useful book by Mike & Terri Church: T... read more

US postage stamps and Tijuana, Mexico's Seabiscuit connection Maggie Van Ostrand

Seabiscuit Stamped Envelope (44 cents)
© United States Postal Service, 2009
In 1934 during the depths of the Great Depression, horse trainer Tom Smith was living out of a stall at Mexico's Agua Caliente racetrack in Tijuana. Flat broke, Smith shared the stall with Noble Threewit, who trained horses for a friend of Charles Howard. Howard was seeking a trainer for his new horse, Seabiscuit, a seemingly incorrigible Thoroughbred. read more

Cejas and the great escape: Dog rescue in Tijuana Maggie Van Ostrand

A warm-hearted missionary rescues a Tijuana street dog and smuggles him across the border to a new home in California. read more

Overfishing in the Sea of Cortez: Are sustainable fish farms the solution? Molly McHugh

Fishing boat in the Sea of Cortez
Fish farms could target the intended species for sale, rather than destructive fishing practices that incidentally kill thousands of forms of sea life in great numbers in pursuit of it. Fish farms are not a problem-free solution, but they are a viable alternative to commercial overfishing in the Sea of Cortez. Farmed fish could meet the demand for at-risk species whose wild stock is being depleted read more

Viva La Baja! Relocation and Real Estate Guide to the Baja California Peninsula by Molly McHugh Reviewed by Julia Taylor

Molly McHugh's recently published Viva La Baja! Relocation and Real Estate Guide to the Baja California Peninsula provides concise, easy to use information for anyone interested in north or south Baja. It is obvious that McHugh's objective is to provide an excellent product that will be useful for people of all ages and from all walks of life. read more

Baja California's Sailing Safety Tips Robert & Curtis Page MD

Before heading south of the border, skipper and crew should review the boat's emergency gear, systems, and engine controls.

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