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Aguascalientes style mixed vegetable salad: Ensalada surtida Karen Hursh Graber

Soaking the cabbage in lemon water adds flavor, eases digestion, and cuts down on the need for salt. Some cooks add pineapple to this Aguascalientes style mixed vegetable salad, but I find it to be an ... read more

Russian-Mexican beef soup: Caldo ruso de res Karen Hursh Graber

Russian-Mexican beef soup is obviously a holdover from the Mennonites' days as grain farmers in the Ukraine, with the distinctly Mexican additions of chile and tomato. The original recipe calls for the... read more

Mexican Spanish style beef and vegetable stew: Chambarete español Karen Hursh Graber

Although classified under "soups," Chambarete español is really a stew, served as a main course. A reflection of the European heritage of Aguascalientes, it is similar to the Spanish caldo gallego, wh... read more

Aguascalientes style chicken with fruit sauce: Pollo de Aguascalientes Karen Hursh Graber

This chicken with fruit sauce is considered one of the most typical dishes of Aguascalientes, traditionally served at the San Marcos Fair and sometimes called "Pollo de San Marcos." The 20th century Me... read more

Mexican cheese and guava flan: Flan de queso y guayaba Karen Hursh Graber

Guavas, being so plentiful in Aguascalientes, are used in several desserts. A common combination in Mexico is ate, a paste made with guava, quince, pears or other fruit, and cream cheese, served toge... read more

Zacatecas style enchiladas: Enchiladas zacatecanos Karen Hursh Graber

The word "zacatecano" used to describe a dish quite often indicates that it contains the combination of poblano chiles and cream. read more

Did You Know? Oldest winery in the Americas is in Parras de la Fuente, Mexico Tony Burton

The oldest winery in the Americas is in Parras de la Fuente In Mexico, vineyards and wineries exist in several states, including Baja California, Sonora, Zacatecas, Querétaro, and Coahuila. Wine expe... read more

Grilled Chihuahua style leg of lamb: Pierna de cordero a la parilla Karen Hursh Graber

This northern Mexican recipe, which typifies the outdoor cooking characteristic of the region, is adapted from Larousse de la Cocina Mexicana by Alicia Gironelli. One end of a leg of lamb is thicker th... read more

Sweet and sour tomatillo conserve: Tomates verdes encurtidos Karen Hursh Graber

Visually, these remind me of the pickled green tomatoes that are nearly always on the table in New York's kosher delis. But the sweet-and-sour vinaigrette, with the addition of green chiles, makes them... read more

Chihuahua Mennonite meatball soup: Caldo de albondigas Karen Hursh Graber

This meat-and-potatoes soup, along with a salad and bread or bolillos, could easily serve as a main meal. A friend who has to watch cholesterol makes the meatballs with ground chicken and uses half ... read more

Durango Beef Stew: Caldillo Duranguense Karen Hursh Graber

This is probably the most famous dish to come from the state of Durango, and can be prepared with beef, pork, or the dried, shredded meat called machaca. If made with beef, a cut called bola, rum... read more

Mexican Dried Beef with Eggs: Machaca con Huevos Karen Hursh Graber

The cattlemen of the north made meat easy to carry on the trail by drying it. Tastier than other versions of beef jerky, the meat is first marinated, then cooked, shredded and dried. It can be served i... read more

Savory Braised Pork: Asado de Boda Karen Hursh Graber

As its name implies, this dish is traditionally served at weddings. The addition of chocolate makes it reminiscent of mole poblano, but the depth of flavor is achieved with far fewer ingredients. On... read more

Milk Candy: Jamoncillo de Leche Karen Hursh Graber

This very typical regional sweet, resembling milk fudge, is sold all over Zacatecas. It should be made several hours or a day ahead and covered with plastic wrap. Ingredients: 1 quart whole m... read more

Zacatecas Style Enchiladas: Enchiladas Zacatecanos Karen Hursh Graber

The word "zacatecano" used to describe a dish quite often indicates that it contains the combination of poblano chiles and cream. Ingredients: 12 corn tortillas vegetable oil as neces... read more

Mexican cheese soup: Crema de queso Karen Hursh Graber

There are many versions of this soup, a specialty of the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua. Gouda cheese also works well in this recipe, which should be prepared immediately before serving. Ingredie... read more

Zacatecas cowboy stew: Puchero vaquero de Zacatecas Karen Hursh Graber

This stew, a product of Mexico's cattle ranches, originally utilized just about any part of the cow that was available, including the udders. It is a simple, tasty one-pot meal that reflects the lifest... read more

Chihuahua-style roast turkey: Pavo al horno estilo Chihuahua Karen Hursh Graber

Northern Mexico is the home of a large turkey industry. Recent years have seen the increase in birds known as doble pechuga - literally "double-breasted" - because of their high proportion of wh... read more

Grilled turkey breast: Pechuga de pavo a las brasas Karen Hursh Graber

Chihuahua's capital, also called Chihuahua, is famous for its restaurants which specialize in food prepared on large grills, or brasas. This is a good recipe for those who eat white meat only, o... read more
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