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Guadalupe in Zacatecas: masterpieces of colonial art Jane Ammeson

Guadalupe's real treasure is the magnificent Church of the Virgin of Guadalupe with its three chapels and a convent, home to Franciscan monks. Part of the convent has been turned into the Museo de Guadalupe. It is one of the largest collections of religious art in North America. read more

Bound for Mexico Anthony Maulucci

She felt elated, free, exhilarated by the striking beauty of her new environment. Here was the real Mexico, she thought. The authenticity of the place was like a grainy texture, almost palpable, thickening the atmosphere. It was both comforting and satisfying... Her senses were in a heightened state of receptivity, and the images penetrated deeply into her psyche where they seemed to stir up dormant yearnings for something she did not yet fully understand read more

Clickable interactive map of Zacatecas and Aguascalientes states, Mexico: Zacatecas city, Fresnillo, Jerez, La Quemada, Sombrerete Tony Burton

Map of Zacatecas and Aguascalientes states: Zacatecas, Jerez, Fresnillo, Aguascalientes, Mexico... read more

Zacatecas: an easy step into Mexico Allan Cogan

"Zacatecas is the town everyone wants to go back to," a friend said to me when I mentioned that we were going there. It is a charming, colonial city, and a fairly well-to-do university town with nice hotels, friendly, well-dressed people and some good attractions. In fact, on that first day, we liked it so much we decided to stay another night read more
Showing 1—6 of 6 results
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