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In a God's Eye James Tipton

Gina is a "good deal older" than her circle of "newly retired women with educations, raised in the United States of America but now living in Mexico.

She helps her gardener with his English, takes pleasure in her garden, is fascinated by the old Mayan legends, grateful for the sacrifices of their gods, and holds sacred the food she receives.

A principle she lives by is this: "be thankful and say so regularly." She feels in her heart that this religious attitude is "much easier to grasp than the more intellectual, less sensory religions…." read more

Cooking in Puerto Escondido: Fish and fruit from Mexico's tropics Karen Hursh Graber

fresh fish in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca
Two of the biggest buzzwords in today's media-dominated culinary world are "fresh" and "local," and on a recent visit to Mexico's southern Pacific coast, we found the food to be both. Taking advantage of the region's abundant fresh ingredients, we shopped, cooked and ate our way through the beach town of Puerto Escondido. read more

Hidden time revisited: Puerto Escondido Bill Begalke

To annotated Photo Strip 191 (Each image below clicks to an annotated enlargement.) ... read more

Travel in Mexico is broadening Stan Gotlieb and Diana Ricci

Tequila Sunrise is a disco in Puerto Escondido, owned by a couple of Californians. This sign belongs to them. I just thought it ironic that "drugs" apparently does not include booze, which they are in ... read more

Puerto Escondido: Mexico's hidden Oaxacan beach Geri Anderson

In Spanish, Puerto Escondido means 'hidden port', and the little beach town tucked away in the southern part of Oaxaca certainly lives up to that name. Part of its elusiveness is because there are no d... read more

Puerto Escondido's romantic Hotel Santa Fe Gale Randall

Your cab deposits you outside the arched entrance to the pastel stucco hotel, and as you pass through its main portal, you are transported to another dimension, another time, to a village in Spain perh... read more

Puerto Escondido in February of 1998 - By Brian Larkin Brian Larkin

General Comments Puerto Escondido is a travelers' and vacationers' market right now. Tourism is down this year to perhaps a third of its normal level. One government official told us that if it were n... read more
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