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Ask an old gringo about knife sharpening, a new college, Trump and things to like about Mexico Marvin West

afilador de cuchillo
There is a better way to sharpen your knife. Education can be expensive - for investors. The USA Presidential nomination process crosses the border - Not. How to gain wealth without working too hard. 'Tis the season to be juicy - Mangos and all the local drippings about a new hospital. read more

Jocotepec blessed with one sharp historian Marvin West

Marsha kept her own horse, Marie-Elena, in the village. On this overcast day in summer 1966, she rode for miles along the shore. She bred Marie-Elena with a stallion from Jocotepec.
Photo in family collection of Marsha Sorensen; all rights reserved.
Aida exudes authenticity. She actually lives in Jocotepec. She was born there, last in a sizable flock of 13 children. Her father's family goes back to before the Spanish came calling. Her grandfather was shot during the Revolution. That is historic! read more

Mexico exploration: Jocotepec discovered Marvin West

This news bulletin just in: Mexico considers revising history books. Another holiday proposed. Famous explorer discovers Jocotepec! Okay, maybe not in the way Christopher Columbus did his thing. It ap... read more

Gone to Mexico and gone to the dogs Marvin West

Nick Lampiris and friends
© Marvin West, 2010
If man's best friend is really a dog, Nick Lampiris is richly blessed. He has 37. Nick lives in Mexico, at the end of a mile-long dirt road, on ejido land, in the high country above Lake Chapala, in the colorful state of Jalisco. From his back door, he can see Mount Garcia and the lake, all the way to Scorpion Island. To the front is Mount Viejo. read more

Ajijic-Lake Chapala accomodations, hotels, restaurants, services

The lobby of the beautiful La Nueva Posada hotel Although Lake Chapala's north shore is quaint and beautiful, services are world class. From cozy B&Bs to gracious hotels and bungalows, the trave... read more

Mexico house guests Marvin West

We do not operate an all-inclusive five-star resort. We do not live in a gated gringo enclave. Our home is in a genuine Mexican village, suburban Jocotepec, west end of Lake Chapala in the exciting state of Jalisco. Our street is bumpy and emits dust. We have no central heat or air conditioning. We do offer spectacular sunrises over the lake and a great view of Mount Garcia. We are pleased to report there is no steady flow of guests. Children, grandchildren and other relatives cycle through at their and our convenience. Close friends and next-door neighbors from East Tennessee have come and gone, one or two or three each winter, and another now and then when we return for the rainy season. read more

Lake Chapala through the ages, an anthology of travellers' tales Reviewed by James Tipton

There is something for everybody in Tony Burton's, Lake Chapala through the ages. Whether you are fascinated by the early history of the place where you now live or visit (or would like to visit), or whether you are interested in early accounts of the natural history of the region, or of the lake itself.

read more

Link to clickable interactive map of Lake Chapala Tony Burton

Click on map for interactive PDF map of Lake Chapala: Chapala, Ajijic, Jocotepec, San Juan Cosala, San Antonio Tlayacapan and other villages... read more

Joco boat show Marvin West

Thousands of you missed the Joco boat show, hot attraction at the west end of what was once Lake Chapala, before lirio (water hyacinth) covered it up, marring and scarring the colorful state of Ja... read more

Enough water hyacinths, more than enough Marvin West

Ancient Chinese proverb say ox in ditch bad news. Really bad if your ox. Lirio (water hyacinths) on Lake Chapala, in the colorful state of Jalisco, in this magical country called Mexico, is bad news. ... read more

Mexico Magic by Dru Pearson Reviewed by Allan Cogan

.Dru Pearson begins her account of her first four seasons in Ajijic starting in the summer of 2000 when she loaded or, rather, overloaded her VW van with as many belongings as it would hold, and she and her dog, Bailey, drove (slowly, she emphasizes) to Laredo. However, before she even reached the U.S./ Mexico border, the vehicle broke down and she found herself by the roadside in 110 degree temperatures, unloading twelve boxes of belongings, plus a TV, a computer complete with monitor and printer and other sundry items. However, a mechanic answered her call and the car was repaired and she made it across the border at Laredo, starting the 750 mile stretch to Ajijic on the shores of Lake Chapala. read more

Mexico sights and sounds Marvin West

Because most of our neighbors don't speak English and because our Spanish is at least awful, some strange things happen in our Mexican community. The other evening a woman stopped at our front gate. A ... read more

Old pickup truck in Mexico Marvin West

Don Whitehead, distinguished author of "The FBI Story" and twice a Pulitzer Prize winner for reporting on the Korean War, was an early hero of mine. In semi-retirement, Don was a columnist for Th... read more

Keep it simple Marvin West

Half a lifetime ago, the West family went south for a Christmas vacation in a quaint, little village on the Gulf coast of Florida. The pencil factory was long gone from Cedar Key. Tourist traffic roari... read more

Insulted at Tom's Texas Bbq Marvin West

Cantankerous restaurateur Tom Sandilands, 74, has completed a rare gastronomic circle. Years ago, he was in the barbecue business. He switched to pizza and became a far-out legend -- far out at the cit... read more

Wedding invitation Marvin West

Petra is the grand matriarch in our Mexican community of Nestipac, in suburban Jocotepec. A daughter and two children live to the right of her home. Two sons and their familes live to her left. Those o... read more

Winter flying in Mexico: Paragliding Mexico's skies Juan Laos

Being a typical Northern California paraholic, the winter season just drives me crazy! Sure there's a little bit of flying here and there but there are very few thermals to hook on to and more often th... read more
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