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Graffiti: Mexico City's wall art emerges from the shadows Anthony Wright

In Mexico City, graffiti is a bit like prostitution. Nominally, it's illegal — carrying a $1,000 peso fine or a day in jail. But the rule of law doesn't seem to stand in the way of anyone with a can of spray paint inclined to deface a wall. read more

Child heroes and Mexico myths Marvin West

Mexico has many myths but this was a wonderful truth, six military academy cadets, in defiance of Gen. Nicholas Bravo's order to retreat, choosing to fight to the finish. They were lieutenant Juan de la Barrera, 20, Agustin Melgar, Vicente Suarez, Francisco Marquez, Fernando Montes de Oca and Juan Escutia. One by one they were struck down. read more

Graffiti: the wry humor of Mexico City street stencil art Anthony Wright

Most modern art aficionados know that if mysterious British artist Banksy didn't create the urban world's love affair with quirky riddles in stencil art on public walls, then he certainly spearheaded i... read more

Graffiti: the Estadio Azteca and Mexico City's new wave muralists Anthony Wright

Increasingly here in Mexico's capital, the graffiti mural is coming to represent what some local experts feel is a new movement in mural art in the great tradition of early 20th century Mexican muralists such as Diego Rivera and David Siqueiros. Mexico City's largest sports stadium has allowed graffiti murals to adorn its many outer walls, entrance gates and car park enclosures. read more

Tourism in Mexico City, Cancun and Ajijic Maggie Van Ostrand

Mexico's economic downturn may be worse than those of other nations, because so much of Mexico's economy depends on tourism. Entrance to Mexico City © Anthony Wright, 2009 Mexico City is desper... read more

Vintage cars in a Mexico City museum Anthony Wright

El Museo del Automóvil in the south of Mexico City houses more than a hundred painstakingly restored cars. In existence since 1991, the Museo del Automóvil is unique to Latin America and was the fruit of the labors of a group of vintage car lovers, who exhibit their treasures for the joy of it. While it is basically a permanent exhibition, around 30 cars are rotated every three months to allow other collectors to also display their wheels. All the cars are registered and in fine working order, and the engines are turned over once a month to keep them that way. read more

Did you know? The Green Revolution began in Mexico Tony Burton

Most people probably have a vague idea that the Green Revolution was something to do with improving crops in the developing world, but how many realize that it began in Mexico? In fact, the Green Revol... read more

Swine flu at Ground Zero (Mexico City): life in a masked city Anthony Wright

People are still going about their business as usual, only we're all wearing surgical facemasks. I can't decide if this whole fear campaign is a massive media beat-up or if it has some credence. read more

Cinco de Mayo celebrations in Mexico Donald W Miles

There are Mexicans these days who have never attended a Cinco de Mayo celebration. The holiday has taken a back seat to the many saints' days and other festivals. The growth of celebrations in the Uni... read more

The Sanchez Ghost Anthony Wright

A tale of haunted guilt set in Mexico City and in the mind of the haunted protagonist, Pablo. . . . Omar gazed at the rifle trained at his chest, and no presentiment crossed his brow. He knew it was Pablo's gun; he had gone pheasant hunting with him and his old man in the past among the gullies of hills of valleys extending to the great volcano of Popocatépetl. . . . read more

Anahuacalli: Diego Rivera's gift of indigenous treasures Anthony Wright

Legendary Mexican artist and master muralist Diego Rivera spent so much time avidly collecting pre-Hispanic art it's a wonder he ever got around to painting. Rivera amassed a collection of thousands of... read more

On the edge of Mexico City: barefoot monks in a national park Tony Burton

Which village in Mexico celebrates the passing of the Old Year and the entrance of the New in the most unusual way? Almost certainly, the village of Santa Rosa Xochiac, just thirty minutes by car south... read more

Chicken in almond mole: Pollo en mole almendrado Karen Hursh Graber

This recipe uses more almonds than most and eliminates the chocolate. It is a Oaxaca style, rather than a Puebla style, almendrado. read more

Pork in Green Pipian: Puerco en Pipián Verde Karen Hursh Graber

After poultry, pork is the most popular meat to serve in pipián sauces, and goes particularly well with green pipián, where the fresh green chiles and herbs counterbalance the richness of pork. Ma... read more

First Stop in the New World by David Lida: an interview with the author Dean Gallagher

Mexico City has long exercised a fascination for writers of varying foreign stripes — Graham Greene, Aldous Huxley, Jack Keruoac, D. H. Lawrence, William S. Burroughs, B. Traven; not to mention Latin American writers such as Roberto Bolaño, Carlos Fuentes, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Alvaro Mutis — and while some of them have stopped here for brief periods and others have made it their home, the erstwhile megalopolis (now 'hypermetropolis') remains an elusive quarry to pin down in words. Its trawling immensity may be a well of inspiration or a veritable Oak Island of futile excavation in search of treasures that refuse to be unearthed.

read more

To market, to market: treasure hunting in Mexico City's flea markets Anthony Wright

Some time ago I was exploring the Mercado de Antiguëdades de Cuauhtemoc in downtown Mexico City with my brother-in-law and an entrepreneurial young Mexican named Carlos Villasena, press officer for th... read more

Did You Know? The Mexican Wave and unruly mobs Tony Burton

Studies of the Mexican wave may suggest how to control unruly mobs Defined as "a rippling wave effect that passes right around a stadium full of spectators, achieved when all the spectators in turn ... read more

Did you know? Mexico City's charwoman-businessman: Conchita Jurado Tony Burton

A charwoman-actress once captivated Mexican high society in her alter ego as Don Carlos Balmori. An elaborate tomb in Mexico City's main cemetery, the Panteón Civil de Dolores, is a lasting reminder ... read more

Did you know? Mexico has five of the world's most endangered heritage sites Tony Burton

Five places in Mexico are on the list of the world's 100 most endangered heritage sites. "The World Monuments Fund (WMF) is the foremost private, nonprofit organization dedicated to the preservation o... read more

Did You Know? Birth control pills come from Mexican yams Tony Burton

The oral contraceptive pill, often referred to simply as "the Pill" was officially fifty years old on October 15, 2001. In the words of The Economist: it "was arguably the first lifestyle drug t... read more

Ask an old gringo: Mexico City, Cancun and moving to Mexico Marvin West

Questions and answers about life in Mexico read more

Mexico's hidden black trick Marvin West

This is the story of Mexico City College and the hidden black trick. Some of you may have missed Morris (Moe) Williams, even though he was out and about for more than four decades. Beginning in the fa... read more

Frozen moments: the photos of Mexico's Ricardo Gomez Jimenez Erin Cassin

"I like the power to capture the image in that particular moment. It's like if a photo of you was taken, but you were caught in a moment. And then you see the photo and say, 'wow, I don't even recognize myself.'" read more

A million meanings: the art of Mexican painter Raul Lopez Garcia Erin Cassin

For artist Raúl López García, it is the language of his subconscious that manifests itself in his paintings. read more

Creating is being: Mexican artist Raymundo Becerril Porras Erin Cassin

"For the simple fact that we are sensitive beings, we can't stop making things, creating, seeing the world in another manner. The faculty of being, of walking through the world, of seeing is born in the habit of creating - little by little - something, anything." read more
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