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The New World Mexican Women of Tecalpulco, Mexico Reviewed by Rita Pomade

New World Women is a native women artisan group in Tecalpulco, Guerrero who decided to form a production cooperative. These skilled artisans are the original designers and producers, creating beautiful jewelry. Theirs is a cottage industry with a goal of perpetuating the region's craft tradition and creating a source of work that can keep their people at home — an alternative to migrating to urban centers or to the U.S. These enterprising women utilize modern means of communication. They communicate through their web page and via romantic novelas serialized on blogs. They write e-mail, post videos on YouTube, and have published an unusual book: The New World Mexican Women Workbook: How to Make Your Own Traditional Mexican Jewelry. read more

Silver, saints, and sinners™: Semana Santa in Taxco, Mexico Jim Allen and Jan McHargue

The City of Silver If you have heard of the picturesque, old colonial Mexican town of Taxco at all, you probably associate it with that precious metal so characteristic of Mexico – silver. If you... read more

Mexico's Black heritage: the Costa Chica of Guerrero and Oaxaca Bobby Vaughn

The Amuzgo people of Mexico's Costa Chica. Most of the homes in the region were round mud huts, whose roots have been  traced back to what is now Ghana and the Ivory Coast.
© Bobby Vaughn, 2006
The Costa Chica ("Short Coast" in Spanish) is one of two regions in Mexico with significant Black communities, the other being the state of Veracruz on the Gulf coast. The Costa Chica is a 200-mile long coastal region beginning just southeast of Acapulco, Guererrero, and ending near the town of Puerto Angel, Oaxaca. read more

Playa Azul: Life, currents and a Mexican amigo Bill Bell

Adriano is a sixteen-year-old surfer who helps his mother run one of the many small beachside palapas in the resort community of Playa Azul, north of Ixtapa. You won't read about Playa Azul in most ... read more

Banano's Bar Anthony Wright

When paradise turns to hell... A chilling tale set in a hot environment read more

Did You Know? Blacks outnumbered Spaniards until after 1810 Tony Burton

By common consent, the history of blacks in Mexico is a long one. The first black slave to set foot in Mexico is thought to have been Juan Cortés. He accompanied the conquistadors in 1519. It has been... read more

Did you know? Mexico was a very different place fifty years ago Tony Burton

G. M. Bashford's Tourist Guide to Mexico was first published exactly fifty years ago in 1954. It was one of a spate of motoring book guides written after World War II as Americans began to hit the open... read more

Did You Know? Mexico in the Guinness world records: part one Tony Burton

In the current edition of Guinness, the Mexican responsible for most records is Sergio Rodriguez Villarreal from the northern state of Nuevo León. He specializes in creating giant Christmas figures an... read more

Stuffed Fish Filets with Almond Sauce: Rollos del Mar Karen Hursh Graber

Along the Costa Alegre, numerous restaurants serve filets of whatever fish is freshest, stuffed with different combinations of seafood. Shrimp is nearly always used, along with squid or octopus. The al... read more

The passion of Christ in Ixtapalapa, a Mexico City neighborhood John Neubauer

The first traces of an awakening sun touch the morning horizon, brushing aside the night's long shadows. On the streets of Ixtapalapa, a working class neighborhood 30 minutes by cab from the center of ... read more

Regional Cuisines Of Guerrero: From Beaches to Mountains Karen Hursh Graber

This seems like a good time of year to talk about the culinary specialties of Guerrero, the Mexican state whose coastline is home to some of the country's most popular winter resorts, including Acapulc... read more

Braised Quail with Garlic and Chile: Guilotas de Tierra Caliente Karen Hursh Graber

This recipe is adapted from La Cocina Familiar en el Estado de Guerrero, published by Editorial Océano. It is a typical regional game dish. Ingredients: 4 quail, washed, dried and split ... read more

Guerrero Style Grilled Fish: Pescado A La Talla Karen Hursh Graber

This is probably the most famous dish from the Guerrero coast, and another one that is wonderfully easy to prepare. The traditional fish to use for this dish is snapper, but bass or grouper would also ... read more

Barra Vieja Style Shrimp: Camarones Estilo Barra Vieja Karen Hursh Graber

This is quick, easy, delicious, and best accompanied by plain white rice. Although the original recipe calls for lard, I much prefer olive or vegetable oil. Ingredients: 2 pounds medium size... read more

Fish Stew from the Costa Chica: Caldo Largo de Pescado Karen Hursh Graber

Ingredients: For the broth: 2 ½ pounds bones from mild white fish, such as snapper or bass, with 1 or 2 heads juice of 1 lime 3 sprigs parsley 1 small onion, roughly choppe... read more

Mexico Economic Updates April 2006 Tony Burton

In memorium: Lloyd Economic Report Following its recent merger with Actinver, Lloyd has announced that it is halting publication of its popular monthly Lloyd Economic Report pending a full review of a... read more

Tienda del las dos estufas Alex Vinson

My suegra (mother-in-law) decided that she wanted to sell vegetables from her front porch in rural Guerrero. I asked her how much profit she would like to make and we would work the numbers back... read more

Guerrero Style Green Pipian Pozole: Pozole Verde con Pipian de Guerrero Karen Hursh Graber

Pumpkin seeds, the characteristic ingredient of green pipian, add an appetizing textural dimension to this pozole, and the poblano chiles and chard that are blended with them provide a bright combin... read more

The Cooking School At Zihuatanejo by Daniel Kennedy Reviewed by Allan Cogan

The story is related to us by Jeff Farrell who, with his wife, Mia, purchases a property high above the rooftops of Zijhuatanejo, overlooking the famed Playa de la Ropa beach with the Pacific Ocean beyond. They fulfill an ambition and turn the place into a restaurant, Casa Blue. And it's not your ordinary everyday restaurant. This is a cooking school where you can join other diners around the cooking island and help prepare your meal under the tutelage of Jeff and Mia. read more

Dynamic women of Acapulco Mike and Rita Oliver

Acapulco easily can boast of some dynamic, talented and interesting women residents. Among these is Dolores Olmedo Patiño, a foremost patron of the arts of Mexico and a tremendous promoter of the cult... read more

The sunniest Acapulco Mike and Rita Oliver

Acapulco is world-renowned for its lovely beaches and year-round sunshine. It is the most popular tourist resort on the west coast of Mexico. For sure, more celebrities visit this charming city than an... read more
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