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Devil of a good time in Merida, Mexico's white city Jeffrey Steele

This former governor's mansion on Merida's toney Paseo del Montejo is now a museum.
© John McClelland, 2007
Merida, the capital of the state of Yucatan, is commanding growing attention for a number of reasons. An emerging hub of art, design and jewelry making, it's also a bastion of culinary flair, centered on its unique Yucatecan flavor fusion born of Spanish recipes and Mayan ingredients. Its central theaters are stunning jewels of architectural poetry, as well as settings for wondrous dance and concert performances.

Merida is also a convenient jumping off point for jaunts to ancient Mayan treasures like Chichen Itza, Kabah and Uxmal.

But it's Merida's after-dark energy that has me instantly enraptured... read more

Where Canadians are buying real estate in Mexico Chad Martin

It is no secret that Canadians love Mexico; for years, thousands of Canadians have been fleeing cold winters to the warm beaches and colonial towns of Mexico. Over the past few years, more and more Canadians have called Mexico their home.

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Interactive map of Yucatan, Mexico Tony Burton

Interactive map of Yucatan, Mexico: Merida, Valladolid, Chichen Itza read more

Henequen and its role in the Yucatan's shifting fortunes John McClelland

The Maya produced fibre from the henequen plant since the time of Christ. read more

Merida: fiery mistress, seductive city John McClelland

Merida is a most un-Mexican city. It feels more European; more reserved in a middle class sort of way. read more

Mérida Theresa Braine

Much of the land comprising Mérida was once dotted with lavish haciendas where the henequen plant was grown. From henequen was produced a fiber called sisal, the main ingredient of twine.... read more

Link to clickable interactive map of Yucatán Peninsula Tony Burton

Clickable interactive map of Yucatán Peninsula read more

Merida: the white city of the Yucatan Marvin H. Perton

MERIDA'S HISTORY SIGHTS TO SEE SHOPPING DINING The early inhabitants of Merida "discovered" a plant that had ... read more

Merida, 1997: trade opportunities Gus Gordon

Merida, Yucatan..I returned to Merida in July, 1997 to follow up on my contacts I had made last year while on my grant to facilitate trade between the Yucatan and the state of Mississippi. ( See pr... read more

Yucatan World Class Labor At $3.00 USD Per Day Gus Gordon

Yucatan, Mexico -- My explore the Yucatan to discover business opportunities for trade, manufacturing, and joint ventures. I was to be the liaison between the Harrison County Economic Deve... read more
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