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What articles are needed

If you are one of Mexconnect's regular writers, we appreciate the quality articles you have given us. If you are just beginning to write for Mexconnect, we welcome you to the number of fine writers who are making the Site such a success.

These guidelines are to assist both you the writer, and Mexconnect to assure a consistently high quality of product, as well as ensure that duplication of materials does not occur.

The Guidelines are not intended to limit or inhibit, rather, to ensure clarity of expectations in advance. This frees you to research, create and write with the knowledge that your articles will be well received by both Mexconnect and, most importantly, its viewers.


Writing for Mexconnect is quite different than for the printed medium. The ability to include images, video, sound, and color, and the ability to link a word or phrase to a different section, page or article, combine to provide you with a creative canvas with unlimited potential for expression and development.

Articles published on the Internet must use a particular formatting called HTML, which has some stylistic and formatting limitations. If these limitations affect your submission, we will explore alternatives with you. You do not need to know or use HTML. Mexconnect will adapt the formatting of your article for you





Major Articles - can be as long as 2500 words. Depending upon the amount of images included, they will be mounted in 2 or 3 sections within Mexconnect.

Regular Articles - are between 750 and 1500 words (our preferred format).

Short Articles - are between 500 and 750 words.


Images can be drawn, printed, photographs or computer art. Mexconnect has the capability of scanning most materials into computer graphical image format - photographs, negatives, prints, originals. Color or black and white are acceptable. Images with good resolution and high contrast are best.

Submission Format:

Mexconnect can work with most word processing formats. Either Macintosh or Windows based programs can be imported by us. We do prefer Word or WordPerfect file types for written materials and JPG, GIF and EPS formats for images.

Electronic submission is welcomed via inclusion or attachment to an E-Mail.

E-Mail to:

Editorial Board at


The richness of Mexconnect as a source of information is due in part to the varying styles our writers bring to the site. You have your own style, and we expect that you will continue to use your own "voice".

Within Mexconnect, there are different types of viewership: those who want tight, specific information and 'how to'; those who want more of a flavour of Mexico; and those who want both in the same piece. This requires that you be clear in your writing as to who your audience is, and to make that clear at the beginning of each article.

In general terms: Be concise, Be imaginative, Be descriptive, Be inventive. The reader is depending upon you to provide them with as full and rich an experience as you can give them. You are their resource for information and 'how to'. You are also their means of 'being there'.

If writing a "hard" piece, remember that facts and data can be included as a 'text link' to elsewhere in the article. If you are referring to an organization, for example, the address, phone numbers etc., can be placed in an appendix and linked to from the article. Provide enough details so that the reader can know, with a few words, what the organization is and does, and how it can be of value to the reader. Additional information that would be valuable to the reader, but detract from the body of the article can and should be placed elsewhere with a 'link'.

If you are referring to a place or excursion, use a few words to set the time and place, i.e. "The shopping Mecca around Lake Patzcuaro, a 4 hour drive from Ajijic on Mexico Highway 15, is over 7000 feet above sea level and can be chilly even during the summer."

We also welcome fiction, as long as it is germane to Mexico or the Mexican experience.

We accept either US or English spelling. However use one or the other for the entire article.

Content and Copyright:

Mexconnect is the premium site on the Internet for all information about Mexico. Our quality of information and of writing is very high. This has resulted in many acknowledgements of quality and content. With your help, we intend to continue this standard.

By having Mexconnect publish your article(s), Mexconnect retains only the right to electronically publish and maintain the article. You own it.

We require that all content be original material. Where outside material is used, all normal attributions, credits and permissions to use must be adhered to or obtained. Copyright is important to all writers, and to Mexconnect.

Where facts and figures are used, they must be verified or validated and be current. Where the numbers are not verifiable, this must be clearly stated in the article, ie: in the opinion of, it is thought that, approximately, a best estimate, etc..

If you view Mexconnect as an electronic magazine or an interactive compendium of information, you can let your imagination roam as to subject matter, style and form. Different articles that relate back and forth are possible through the ability to link directly. Different media can be incorporated; photos, music, voice, even video.

Our only pre-requisite is that once you have identified a content area or subject, please talk with us before beginning. Mexconnect is gradually expanding its content areas. It is important that Mexconnect can place your article in an appropriate Section. Your idea may be too soon in our development for us to use right away, or someone else may have already started that article.



Mexconnect is divided into a number of sections:

Each subject area is listed below, with some suggestions.



This section is intended to assist readers to acquire the necessary information, experience and understanding to enjoy their visit, relocation or business venture in Mexico.

The Sections are:

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Driving and Cars
  • Facts & Current Data
  • Food & Water
  • Immigration & Visas
  • Language & Words
  • Legal
  • Medical & Safety
  • Money & NAFTA
  • Real Estate & Renting
  • Social Customs, History & Culture
  • Stuff & ??
  • Transportation & Travel

In each FAQ section, the style is question and answer. Each Q&A should be a short Article (or shorter). To think up FAQs, the game of Jeopardy can be used - if you have a good, tight piece or idea that would fit into one of these categories, develop a simple question to which the piece or idea becomes the answer.


Driving - What is the best way to get from place A to place B?

- What do I do if I'm stopped by the Police? (also fits into the Legal section)

Food & Water - What is a ---, and how do they make it?

- What is "maíz" and why is it used so much?

Medical & Safety - What about poisonous insects?

- If I'm bitten by a scorpion, what do I do?

- Can I receive "alternative" treatment in Mexico?

Transportation & Travel - What is the difference between Primera and Secunda?

- Would you recommend travelling by train?

Virtually any topic can be developed in the FAQs. A short article in this section can be expanded into a regular or major article, with the FAQ piece linking directly to the larger article, as an option for the reader. The reverse is also true. If you are developing a regular or major article, can an FAQ also be abstracted from it?

Living Section (continued, listed alphabetically)

Canada/Mexico -

Articles that assist Canadians to visit, travel, live, establish or do business in Mexico, and Mexicans to visit, travel, live establish or do business in Canada. Identification of opportunities, agencies, or organizations that can assist the Canadian/Mexico relationship and travel/living experience.

Cost of Living -

Articles identifying different ways of managing the cost of living in general, and/or in specific locations.

Cultural Differences -

Articles that assist the reader to understand the cultural differences. This can be in any area of life — family, work, religion, daily living etc. Personal experiences, comparative or descriptive pieces are also appropriate.

Driving in Mexico -

Articles about the perils, pleasures, adventures, routes, about cars, trucks, campers, mobile homes, buses, taxis etc. Personal experiences, comparative or descriptive pieces are also appropriate.

Education/Spanish -

Articles that describe the education system in Mexico, formal and informal, at all levels. Learning Spanish, formally and informally and in different contexts. Personal experiences, comparative or descriptive pieces are also appropriate.

Health & Medical -

Articles on all aspects of health care (western, alternative, folk, traditional, mythical and mystical) and health care services — in general or specific to a location. Personal experiences, comparative or descriptive pieces are also appropriate.

Living Conditions -

Articles that describes the living conditions in Mexico. Non-national, Mexican, specific locations etc.

News & Publications -

Identification of quality information/media resources.

Owning Property -

All aspects of looking for, purchasing, selling, renting, leasing, building, renovating homes, apartments, condos or land; what to do, not to do, how to, why to, when to. Personal experiences, comparative or descriptive pieces are also appropriate. Specific commercial endorsements or blandishments are not accepted.

Tax & Financial Concerns -

All aspects of managing personal finances, money, currency, banking, tax, investing are appropriate. General, resident, and non-resident viewpoints are valued, especially the Canadian and US citizen perspective.

USA/Mexico -

Articles that assist US citizens to visit, travel, live, establish or do business in Mexico, and Mexicans to visit, travel, live establish or do business in the US. Identification of opportunities, agencies, or organizations that can assist the US/Mexico relationship and travel/living experience.


MEXICO TRAVEL and the "Un-Guide Book"

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The focus of this section is the experience of being in Mexico. It includes the areas of Mexico, as well as Travel & Tours, Food & Recipies, Art & Artists, History, and a Photo Gallery.


Areas of Mexico


This area is devoted to the different areas of Mexico. It is the majorsection within Mexconnect that provides complete information on all aspects of locations. The section is divided into States, with major communities and features of each State listed.

For each State and location (city, village, feature (i.e. copper canyon)), we are looking for:

  • General descriptions
  • Specific facts about
  • Unique feature articles
  • Historical
  • Geographic/topological
  • Flora and fauna
  • Cultural
  • Indigenous
  • "Living here"
  • Travel
  • Tours or Drives (both commercial and self-managed)
  • Explorations — walks/hikes/rides

(Articles in the last 3 topic areas can also appear in the Travel & Tours section).

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Travel & Tours


This section includes any pieces that will inform or guide the visitor to Mexico. Some of the articles can appear both in this section and in the "Areas" section above.

  • Tours
  • Explorations (walks, hikes, rides)
  • Travel articles
  • Specific sites or locations of interest or significance
  • Rail, bus, water travel
  • How to travel successfully
  • Personal experiences, comparative or descriptive pieces

Food & Recipies -

  • Food and cuisine of Mexico
  • Specific foods — history, significance, preparation, rituals, regional
  • Specific recipies — historical, ritualistic, regional, regional differences

Art & Artists -

In this section, Mexconnect wants the entire artistic spectrum to eventually be represented. Where ever possible, examples of works should be included. However, permission to reproduce must always be obtained where required.

  • Art in Mexico
  • Influences and significant events
  • Historical/Political art and artists
  • Current art and artists
  • Historical art and artists
  • Indigenous art and artists
  • Crafts and artisania

History -

Within Mexconnect, the approach to history is with a time-line that starts 30,000 years ago, up to the present day. It compares significant events in Mexico with English America and also Europe. Each event or period in the Mexico time-line links to a separate, brief narrative.

Mexconnect is looking for articles that expand upon the brief narratives, or add color, or perspective. Images of people, events or places are needed as well.

Indigenous Peoples -

Mexconnect is looking for articles that define, describe, celebrate the indigenous peoples of Mexico, past and current civilizations or cultures, their culture, history, beliefs and practices. Images and photo examples are important. Personal experiences, comparative or descriptive pieces are also appropriate

Photo Gallery -

The Photo Gallery gives the viewer a series of "Film Strips" to choose from. Each Film Strip has a single theme: an area and /or its people, an event (bull fight, Dia de los Muertos), or nearly any other theme.

Mexconnect is looking to expand the Photo Gallery significantly.

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This Section is devoted to assisting and promoting the economic sector of Mexico. It is intended to be informative to both Mexicans wanting to expand their business out into the world (especially Canada and the US), as well as business in other countries wanting to expand their businesses into Mexico.

The Major Sections are:

General Information

  • Current information and conditions
  • Background information, including differences in practice and business culture, the history of the peso, the cyclic nature of the peso, political climate and influences. Personal experiences, comparative or descriptive pieces are also appropriate
  • References and Reading/Research resources
  • The Economy
  • State or Area specific business and economic information

How To?

  • Do business in Mexico
  • Open a business in Mexico, including procedures and requirements
  • Establish a Partnership/Joint Venture
  • Financing, Accounting and Money/Currency matters Export to:
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • US Import from:
  • Mexico
  • Canada
  • US
  • The law and legal matters
  • Work with Customs
  • Work with transportation of Goods

Who Is?

This section describes in detail and practice the important agencies to know about or work with in all three North American countries.

  • Federal
  • State or Provincial
  • Private or NGO (Non Government Organizations who perform government or economic development activities)
  • Private/Commercial Agencies or Companies I.e. Legal, Brokers, Real Estate, Financial, Investment, Banking, Customs, Transportation.


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