Mexico - calendars and schedules of holidays, fiestas and events.

Mexican National holidays, religious events, local events and commercial events, you will find it here!

Calendars of current events.

Festivals and National Holidays (Perpetual calendar)

Calendar of religious days and festivals (Perpetual calendar)

This year's calendar of Fiestas and holidays

This year's calendar of food festivales

Calendar of Commercial events, Expos and Fairs (Open for public submission of events to be included)


Articles about Mexican calendars and special dates.

An Introduction to the heart of Mexican fiestas: Faith

Mysteries of the Fifth Sun: The Aztec Calendar

The Aztec Calendar

The Maya Civilization, Maya Numerals And Calendar

History Time Line overview

Did You Know? Mexico's ancient astronomers had sophisticated calendars

Did You Know? January's weather in Mexico forecasts the rest of the year


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