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Mexconnect and Your Advertising Dollars/Pesos

Purchasing advertising is never easy, it means defining the market you wish to reach, researching different media, comparing prices and services, and then, when the end results are in, deciding how well you spend your hard earned marketing dollar.

Mexconnect can help make your internet advertising decision easier by assuring that you:

- Reach the Right Market

Our viewers are all people with an interest in learning about or visiting Mexico for business and pleasure, making Mexconnect an important marketing tool for businesses wishing to capture this market.

- Find the Right Medium

Mexconnect is a unique advertising medium because it is the internet's first and oldest monthly magazine devoted to Mexico and produced entirely for web viewing — there is no print version. Our quality content and timeliness are a constant source of new as well as repeat viewers.

Our readership averages more than 300,000 people per month who return many times during the month. In addition they are reading over 20,000,000 pages annually.

We do not collect specific demographics, however from surveys and direct communications with readers, we do know that:

  • The gender % is approximately 55% male and 45% female,
  • The major age grouping is 35 to 65 years,
  • The majority are planning on spending time in Mexico for travel, part-time living or relocation reasons.
  • The majority are considering major purchases within the next year.

- Make your Advertising Dollar Count

Mexconnect's very powerful platform, custom design and Ad serving application enables you to place your Banner and Text ads in exactly the correct contexts.

With our unique system, you can choose to have your advertising appear:

  • Across the entire site.
  • Within one or a combination of Theme areas (Living, Travel, Culture & Arts, History, Cuisine, Places and specific Forums) See the above Navigation Bar to explore these Theme areas.
  • Only on articles and Photo Galleries associated with a specific Tag or combination of Tags.
  • On pages associated with specific Regions, states and or cities.
  • In specific pre-determined Ad spots within pages and also Banner or Text ad sizes.
  • You can also choose to advertise in our regular Newsletter.

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To find out more about how we can make your marketing dollars count, e-mail Director of Marketing.





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