Advertising rates for Mexconnect

Mexconnect is the Internet's senior website in English dedicated to all things Mexico.

Mexconnect has been on-line continuously since 1996. For the potential advertiser this means that the site has a very high penetration throughout the Internet; it is a deeply indexed and trusted site by all search engines including Google; it has a high trust rating and is ranked as the top Mexico travel site. It has a very loyal readership and yet receives an average of 85% new traffic each month.

Mexconnect now uses a very powerful and dynamic system to present its vast collection of articles and photographs, each of which is tagged with specific identifiers that allows the advertiser to take full advantage of readers' interests and needs.

Mexconnect uses a blended advertising approach.

While we do use ad serving companies such as Google Adsense, 247 Real Media and other equivalent agencies, our strength is in being able to work with you to target your advertising dollars towards the readership with the highest potential for response.

We use a CPM model for text ads and banners, which means you only pay when your ad is seen by a reader. The advertiser will pay for a specific number of views (impressions) in units of 1000 views.

(In addition to text links and banners, a third option is the content link. These are charged per click-through to your site. Please contact us for more information.)

The presentation of your ad can be controlled by limiting the total number of impressions and also by the period of time over which your number of impressions is presented.

Mexconnect uses its own ad server which allows us to have exacting control over where and when your ad appears. We are able to provide you with specific data regarding the number of times your ad was viewed as well as the number of times it was clicked on.

Choosing your placements

The Site is divided into seven major Theme areas: Living, Travel, Culture and Arts, History, Cuisine, Business and Places. In addition, there are 16 very active Forums dedicated to different areas or aspects of Mexico.

Each article and individual Forum is associated with one or more Tags (such as exploring-tourism) and or geographic areas such as a state or city.

Because of these features, you, the advertiser, are able to be as general or as specific as you desire in how you wish to target your advertising on MexConnect.


  • A travel insurance company can choose to have their ad appear only in articles associated with the Travel Theme.
  • A real estate company can choose to have their ad appear the Living Theme or in articles associated with a geographic area or articles relevant to real estate.
  • A hotel can choose to have their ad shown only to readers of travel articles or articles associated with a geographic region

Because each advertiser has different needs, it is best to contact our advertising department. By working with us directly we can assist you in tailoring how best to use your budget and Mexconnect's powerful impact.

These are our current CPM banner ad rates

Leader-board header banner
$18 USD ($20 on Index pages)

Mid-page right column banner
$15 USD ($14 on Index pages)

Wide skyscraper
$14 USD

Standard skyscraper
$13 USD

Island banner
$12 USD

Banner ad specifications

Banners should be:

  • In jpg gif format
  • Banner #1: 468 x 60 pixels
  • Banner #2: 300 x 250 pixels
  • Banner #3: 160 x 600 pixels
  • Animated gif may be used, but no flash or java script can be accepted

Please include:

  • The URL or address of the web site or web page to be linked to
  • A brief text description that will appear instead of the banner when a reader's computer has images turned off (up to 75 characters including spaces)

Text ad specifications

  • A Title of no more than 35 characters including spaces.
  • A Text line of no more than 75 characters including spaces.
  • The URL or address of the web site or web page to be linked to.
  • Standard expressions are permitted such as: !, ?, -, etc., as well as Spanish accented letters such as ñ, ú, é, etc.

For further information, please contact us:

Please contact our ad manager

You may call 01-800-716-9861 (within Mexico) or 011 52 333-813-2245 from elsewhere in the world.

Office hours are weekdays from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Central Time.


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