Ad placement options within Mexconnect

Mexconnect's very powerful platform, custom design and Ad serving application enables you to place your Banner and Text ads in exactly the correct contexts.

With our unique system, you can choose to have your advertising appear:

  • Across the entire site.
  • Within one or a combination of Theme areas (Living, Travel, Culture & Arts, History, Cuisine, Places and specific Forums) See the above Navigation Bar to explore these Theme areas.
  • Only on articles and Photo Galleries associated with a specific Tag or combination of Tags
  • On pages associated with specific Regions, states and or cities.
  • In specific pre-determined Ad spots within pages and also Banner or Text ad sizes
  • You can also choose to advertise in our regular Newsletter

You can explore the power of this approach - and identify your placement preferences by clicking on the following collection of Tags and the Places navigation window.


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