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Mexconnect is an electronic magazine devoted to providing quality information about Mexico, and promoting Mexico to the world. The magazine is supported by a searchable and cross-indexed database of over 4,000 articles and 350 photo galleries of over 3500 photographs. It is a registered electronic periodical ISSN 1028-9089.

  • More than 500,000 people read us each and every month.
  • 80% of our readership is from the U.S.A, Canada and México.
  • More than 54,000 other Internet web sites link to us.
  • We have been cited in many newspapers and magazine including, Time, National Geographic, International Herald-Tribune, L.A. Times, Houston Chronicle, New York Times, and The History Channel.
  • Mexconnect ranks in the top 1% of all Internet sites in the world.
  • Mexconnect readers spend an average of 10 minutes every time they come to the site.
  • Our readers average at least one visit every day to the magazine.
  • We have become the standard for country-based informational sites and are Mexico's most-read site in English.

Mexconnect is not just a magazine; it is a resource center for all things Mexico. We have:

  • weather and currency service.
  • 16 interactive Forums;
  • 3 interactive Calendars of Mexican events;
  • a complete internal search engine;
  • rapid, targeted searchs by author, tags or topics, even by ingredients for your favorite Mexican cuisine!

Mexconnect includes in-depth information about:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Beaches of Mexico
  • Books Mexico
  • Business
  • Calendars of Events
  • Regular Columnists
  • Esoterica
  • A Day in the Life
  • Destinations
  • Discussion Threads
  • Driving & Routes
  • Mexican Food
  • General Information
  • History & Traditions
  • Insurance/Medical
  • Living, Working & Retiring
  • Legal & Visas
  • People - famous and not-so-famous
  • Photos - arranged in searchable galleries
  • Places
  • Real Estate
  • Travel & Tours
  • The Arts
  • Aztecs
  • Christmas
  • Day of the Dead
  • Easter
  • Ethnic Origins
  • Festival Dates
  • History
  • The Huichol
  • Kyron Gallery
  • The Maya
  • Traditions
  • Virgins and Saints
  • Cooking/Recipes
  • Food Festivals
  • Links to other Mexico Sites

Mexconnect is a powerful and effective advertising medium for both Tourism and Business.

More than just a strong information provider, Mexconnect is a community; forum posters share their extensive experience for the benefit of all

Mexconnect's goals are to

  • Promote Mexico as the country of opportunity that it is. We promote the country and its people from a foreign resident's or visitor/business person's perspective in order to generate greater interest in Mexico and to provide high quality, factually-relevant information.
  • Provide quality advertising, products & services fostering Mexican trade and commerce the world over.

What we offer our clients.

  • Targeted Marketing. People come to Mexconnect because they are interested in Mexico. This gives us an advantage over other general host sites, because we can provide targeted marketing. People are looking for your service or product in Mexico and that's why they access Mexconnect.
  • The people behind Mexconnect. The principals of Mexconnect are experts at effectively developing and presenting information on the Internet. We will help you market your product or service. We are dedicated to helping all our clients establish a successful presence on the Internet through Mexconnect.

What's in it for the end user

  • Usefulness and Effectiveness. Mexconnect is designed to be user friendly. We provide information to our users in ways that are simple, effective and attractive.
  • Mexconnect is produced and published by McLaughlin Consulting, dedicated to promoting Mexico to the world.

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