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Using Mexconnect’s powerful search function

How are search results displayed?

The first thing to note is that the Search Result page displays all the results including articles, photo galleries or recipes.

The search results page also provides you with Tabs that will display articles only, photo galleries only or recipes only.

In what priority order are the results displayed?

All searches give special weight to whether the searched for word or phrase appears in Titles — English or Spanish — and Authors names. Lesser importance is given to whether it appears in the description, the Tag names or the Region. After that, the number of times it appears in the text of an article will raise a result higher in the list.

The exact importance weighting is:

Author Name - 100
Title (English) - 100
Title (Mexican) - 100
Description - 70
Tag Names - 90
Region - 30

So for example, if you do a search on a word and two articles are in the results, in one the word appears in the Author's Name, and in the other it appears in the Description. The first article will display at the top of the two because the Author's name field is weighted higher.

However, the number of times something appears is also relevant. If in the first article above the name only appeared once in the Author's name, but in the second article it appeared 10 times in the Description, then the second article would display higher.

How can I perform a search?

At the very top of every page in the site there is a search field into which you will type or copy/paste the word or phrase for which you are searching. You can perform simple or complex searches using the following techniques:

Basic search:
i.e. weather
Finds content matching "weather" using the weighting described above.

Accents are ignored:
i.e. pinata
Finds content matching "pinata" (e.g. "pinata", "piñata", etc.)

Phrase matching: “ “
i.e. "pesos for the" (enclosing a phrase in quotes)
Gives special weight to the complete phrase "pesos for the"

Substring search: *
i.e. weather* (inserting a * at the end of a word)
Finds content that starts with "weather" (e.g. "weather", "weatherman", etc)

i.e. *arch (inserting a * at the beginning of a word)
Finds content that ends with "arch" (e.g. "arch", "March", "Monarch", etc.)

Search subtraction: - (searching to exclude a word)
i.e.mexico –summer (inserting a – directly in front of the word to be excluded)
Finds content that contains "mexico", but doesn't contain "summer".
Note that this encompasses all content fields (an article titled
"Facts about Mexico" that later mentions summer will be excluded
from the results of this query)

Either or: |
i.e. winter | summer (inserting a | between two words – including a space both front and back)
Finds content that contains "winter" or "summer"

Can I search on search results?

No, unfortunately we cannot do a search on search results.


Why can't I search on a 3 letter word like Vet?

As the search engine matches words that either stand alone or are part of another word (Veterinarian), to allow 1, 2 or 3 letter words would result in overwhelming results. To control this the search engine will only match 4 letter words or higher.

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