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Ask an old gringo about baseball, Canadians, ukuleles and orange juice Marvin West

Roberto Osuna
Readers of MexConnect magazine are sharper than the average turkey. They monitor the news, spot little headlines and hear tidbits and rumors related to Mexico and immediately check to see what the old gringo knows. Depending on the subject and how much really good Mexican coffee he had with breakfast, ability to inform fluctuates. His level of knowledge ranges from some, to a little, to not much but he keeps trying. He deals with questions more or less in the order of arrival -- or probable impact on his vast international following or whether he likes them or not read more

One more win Marvin West

Victor Espinoza, 43, calls himself the luckiest Mexican alive. He was the jockey aboard American Pharoah, winner of the U.S. triple crown of horse racing – the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes. His name will be forever etched in sporting history. Fame and fortune are likely partners for the rest of his life. Only 11 riders have accomplished this rare feat. The last time it happened was 1978. read more

Golfing in the Guadalajara and Lake Chapala area

Guadalajara Guadalajara Country Club Atlas Country Club Club de Golf Santa Anita Lake Chapala Area Chapala Country Club Chula Vista Country Club S.C Guadalajara C... read more

Mexico has a bobsled team? Marvin West

Some ask why. Others say "Why not?" Seventeen years ago, for some strange and unexplained reason, the beautiful island of Jamaica allowed a cheerful and determined but not particularly talented bobsle... read more
Showing 1—4 of 4 results
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