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Did You Know? January's weather in Mexico forecasts the rest of the year Tony Burton

Many Mexicans, especially campesinos, who are closer to the land than most, believe that the weather during the month of January serves as a long-range forecast for the entire year. The precise predict... read more

Mel Gibson's Apocalypto Maggie Van Ostrand

It's unusual for me to write about anything other than Mexico as seen through the eyes of a humorist. But this month's article is different, because someone familiar with the culture around which Gibso... read more

Massage Exchange With A Traditional Maya Massage Therapist Denis Larsen

Night fell and it got dark with tropical quickness just as I was dropped off in a real VW bug at the bone-setter/massage man's home. On my way inside I almost stepped on a tarantula that seemed as big ... read more

There's something about Mexico Maggie Van Ostrand

A Maya myth, as recorded by Alfonso Villa R. in Quintana Roo and recently reported to me, tells us that God created a number of human couples, each with the racial characteristics of the group to which... read more

La Civilización Maya Conflicto Histórico Parte 1 Luis Dumois

No hay verdad en las palabras de los extranjeros. Chilam Balam de Chumayel Las noticias nos llegan todos los días. Denuncias de movimientos del ejército mexicano en Chiapas; pronunciamie... read more

La Civilizacion Maya Luis Dumois

Por enésima vez, el carro se había atorado en el camino. ¡Carajo! La cosa estaba mucho peor de lo que habíamos imaginado. Abrí la puerta y me bajé para ver cómo sacarnos del agujero en que habí... read more

The Maya civilization, cities of the Maya Luis Dumois

The material splendor of the Maya culture is appreciated, more than in any other field, in the architecture and ornamentation of their cities. These city-states were the center of power for the king-pr... read more

The Maya civilization: Historical conflict Luis Dumois

There is no truth in the words of foreigners. Chilam Balam of Chumayel The news arrives every day: accusations of menacing maneuvers by the Mexican army in Chiapas, proclamations an... read more

A day at Labna: An ancient Maya city in Yucatan Luis Dumois

For the thousandth time, the automobile was stuck in the road. Damn! Things were much worse than we'd imagined. I opened the car door and stepped down to see how to get us out from the hole in which we... read more
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