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Learning Spanish in Mexico (and other countries too!)

A resource page for learning Spanish. read more

Did You Know? Sixty-two indigenous languages still spoken in Mexico Tony Burton

As many as 62 indigenous languages are still spoken in Mexico. Most people realize that the national language of Mexico is Spanish and that Mexico is the world's largest Spanish speaking country. In f... read more

Spanish at Your Fingertips By Clark M. Zlotchew, Ph.D. Reviewed by James Tipton

For this old brain of mine -- that threatens to retire before I do -- a book that makes simple what has always been somewhat complicated to me is a book that I will cherish.

Clark M. Zlotchew, Ph.D., has taught Spanish language at SUNY College at Fredonia in New York State since 1975. He has published more than a dozen books including translations of Spanish poetry and fiction as well as Alpha Teach Yourself Spanish in 24 Hours.

read more

How To Make Teaching English In Mexico A Reality - Part 2 Julia Taylor

Marketing Yourself So once you are in your new home town how do you impress the directors of the local language schools? First of all, it is important to remember that while this is a big adventure fo... read more

Spanish immersion programs Mexico, Canada, Spain

Short of finding a Spanish-speaking partner to live with, the next most effective method of learning spanish is to enroll in a true immersion program. There are many excellent ones. Most programs not ... read more

Juan Quezada Reviewed by James Tipton

As told to Shelley Dale by Juan Quezada Illustrated by Shelley Dale Norman Books (Santa Monica, CA 90403)   Juan Quezada with his wife Gu... read more

Telenovelas - My Secret Obsession Angela Artemis

I have another confession: I don't speak a word of Spanish. Bare of make-up, the only discoloration in her olive skin is the hint of a moustache over her upper lip. Thick ey... read more

Speaking Spanish like a Native by Brad Kim and Erika Dominguez Reviewed by Allan Cogan

Here's a rather unusual approach to learning Spanish. It's not intended for beginners but rather for people who have already spent some time studying the language and want to go further, especially in the direction of becoming more adept at conversation. What Brad Kim has done here is to give us a collection of everyday expressions, exactly like the expressions we use when we speak English, which will enhance conversational skills. Start using a few and you'll sound more down-to-earth and impressive to your listeners. read more

Did you know? Anglo vs. Mexican sayings Tony Burton

Anglo and Mexican sayings are often subtly different. For starters, consider your pet cat. In Canada or the U.S., cats are considered to have nine lives; in Mexico, however, cats only have seven ... read more

The New Oxford Spanish Picture Dictionary by E. C. Parnwell Reviewed by Allan Cogan

The Dictionary is based on a rather neat and simple idea to help us learn new words in Spanish and for providing us with the names of hundreds of everyday products and articles. read more

Comparison of Mexican and Canada/US Education Mexico Data On-Line

Background Whereas the Canadian and US educational systems have been influenced by their British ancestry, the Mexican educational system is based on its French and Spanish ancestry. The different beg... read more

Continuing education in Mexico Karen Blue

I fussed unnecessarily, before moving to Mexico, worrying about how I would continue with my education, with no grasp of the Spanish language. Why unnecessarily? Because I came just before we were able... read more

Broken Berlitz: learning Spanish Maggie Van Ostrand

While lazily drinking in the Spanish language, courtesy of the PBS Destinos series and U.S. State Department audiotapes, with a little Berlitz for a chaser, it occurred to me how easy a language i... read more

Helpful Hints On Learning Mexican Spanish Thom McDonald

While I have always found Mexicans as a people to be polite, friendly and helpful to foreigners in their country, I have also witnessed on many occasions, a subtle but noticeable difference in their re... read more

Liliana, mi corazoncita Bruce McGovern

Corazoncita, or little heart, is a Mexican expression of affection, similar to 'sweetheart'. This is a story of my first visit to Mexico, and how a sweet, little Mexican girl became mi corazonci... read more

English, South-of-the-border style Dennis Paul Morony

We're living in those heady, early days of Salinismo, and in a Mexican public elementary school an excited young woman teacher is explaining to her enthralled class of fourth graders that a middle-aged... read more

Carl Franz on learning Spanish for Mexico Reviewed by Carl Franz

Spanish is the world's second language. According to many people who do not speak it, Spanish is also a very "easy" language to learn. For example, I recently met a young Danish traveler in northern Me... read more

Communicating In Latin America June Summers

HURDLE THE LANGUAGE BARRIER - by learning Latin American hand and voice signals. These vary from one culture to another. The following are distinctly LATINO: THE WAGGING FINGER - ... read more
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