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The Mexican Medical System Larry Landwehr

After three days of chest pains I finally broke down and called the office of my cardiologist here in Guadalajara (I had a heart attack a few years ago). I called at 2:00 pm on a Monday and tried with ... read more

Medical and safety Mexconnect Staff

What is the level of health care and medicine in Mexico? (¿Cómo es la calidad de tratamiento médico en México?) What about prescripti... read more

My search for a doctor in Oaxaca Stan Gotlieb

  This drawing of a latrine is painted on a wall next to the main square in San Martin Tilcajete, Oaxaca. It was paid for by the National Health, as a preventative medicine strategy. There are fou... read more

Flying to Oaxaca at Christmas time Stan Gotlieb

A latecomer brought by TV and consumerism from El Norte, this Santa, with his reindeer made from local tree branches, was greeted with a mixture of awe and nervousness by the children on the plaza in f... read more

Life in Mexico: bugs, disease and puppy dog showers Karen Blue

One of my readers asked me to talk about bugs and diseases. These are simply my experiences or observations and they apply to the Chapala/Ajijic lakeside area south of Guadalajara. I'm sure different p... read more

My three nights in a Mexican hospital Allan Cogan

In recent weeks I've had occasion to reflect once again on the generosity and thoughtfulness of Mexicans. For the very first time in my life - at my ripe old age - I had occasion to go into hospital. And I'll never forget the wonderful generosity and concern of my Mexican neighbors. read more

Mexico retirement: healthcare concerns Karen Blue

Two friends have fallen this month and each has broken a hip. That's the bad news. It's easy to do here if you're window shopping instead of watching where you're walking. Between the cobblestones and ... read more
Showing 26—32 of 32 results
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