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ISA Surgical links patients to world class surgeons in Mexico Mexconnect Staff

In Mexico there are wonderful, fully accredited hospitals in every city. Patients really can focus on choosing the surgeon who is best for them, and then choose a hospital from there. read more

Living healthy in Mexico: Insurance, health care and Mexico's medical tourism - a resource page Mexconnect Staff

Some are surprised at the quality of health care in Meixco. But the climate, diet and openness to alternative therapies all contribute to healty liing. In addition, Mexico is recognized throughout Lati... read more

Will mold be a problem in Mexican real estate? J. Brad Grieve

When you rent or purchase Mexico real estate, you'll find that construction techniques as well as climate are probably very different from what you are accustomed to. Will you struggle with mold in your Mexican home? read more

How Mexico will attract 5 million U.S. retirees Maggie Van Ostrand

About one million U.S. expats already live in Mexico, and that number can grow to five million by 2025, according to estimates based on U.S. Census figures. And healthcare costs in Mexico are approximately 70 per cent lower than healthcare costs in the U.S. Nine Mexican hospitals have already been certified by the U.S. Joint International Commission, and others are currently awaiting certification. read more

Medical and dental treatment and coverage in Oaxaca Alvin Starkman

Aside from the small, private hospitals, often referred to as clínicas, there are four publicly funded and insurance-based hospitals in the city, as well as a hospital just outside of the city offering specialized treatment for a number of serious ailments. There is the Red Cross facility available to all, often used for emergency treatment only. The civic hospital provides free services or treatment at a modest cost based on a sliding scale respecting means. ISSSTE is a federally funded facility restricted to government employees who are members of a union. Finally, there is IMSS... read more

AA: Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Mexico "Mexico" Mike Nelson

You'll find AA throughout Mexico, even in small towns. NA has a sizable presence in the larger towns. Alanon is almost everywhere. OA, SALA and other programs are less likely to be encountered outside major cities. AA is very visible. I have noted where there are meetings in many cases, but like here, they move or change. We urge readers to help us keep this list current.

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Mexico's alternative medicine in Amarillo, Texas John G. Gladstein

In Mexico, alternative medicine has long been popular. With the increase of healthcare costs, insurance, traditional medicines and a visit to the doctor's office in the U.S., many people are seeking al... read more

International insurance plans for foreigners in Mexico Tony Hamrick

Updated September 16, 2013 It is advisable to have international health insurance while traveling or living as an expatriate. Having an international health plan gives a person, family or group a va... read more

Travel and expat medical insurance in Mexico Alex Routh

Insurance can seem quite complicated. What is best for you and why? If you're spending time in Mexico, can you take your medical policy with you? Or should you purchase travel insurance? Are there othe... read more

Mexico faces an uphill fight against malnutrition Tony Burton

More than 190 countries, including Mexico, have now signed up to the UN Millennium Development Goals, originally agreed in the year 2000. There are eight key goals (see table) and Mexico is well on... read more

Influenza A H1 N1 in Mexico: What can you do to minimize the risk?

Mexico City medical stall in the  main plaza
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there is much you can do to minimize the risk of infection from Influenza A H1 N1. read more

Swine flu at Ground Zero (Mexico City): life in a masked city Anthony Wright

People are still going about their business as usual, only we're all wearing surgical facemasks. I can't decide if this whole fear campaign is a massive media beat-up or if it has some credence. read more

Mexico FAQs: Food and water

What about the water and food? Can I expect to have Moctezuma's Revenge? Qué me pueden decir acerca del agua y la comida en general en México? Puedo enfermarme? Can I drink the ... read more

Mexican Health Care for the Baby-Boomer Generation Robert & Curtis Page MD

Many Mexican hospitals have worked to affiliate themselves with top U.S. and Canadian medical centers and have earned stringent international accreditations. Mexico has long been the number-o... read more

Obtaining Mexican Social Security (IMSS) Health Insurance Robert & Curtis Page MD

Expats living in Mexico have other considerations and better economic choices not commonly shared with the short-term traveler. First, there is no need for evacuation to a home country. Second, beca... read more

Did You Know? Birth control pills come from Mexican yams Tony Burton

The oral contraceptive pill, often referred to simply as "the Pill" was officially fifty years old on October 15, 2001. In the words of The Economist: it "was arguably the first lifestyle drug t... read more

Mexican folk remedies Jenny McGill

If you have something in your eye, take a hair from the tail of a live cat .... read more

A Response To The Documentary Sicko Ed Fesler

Hi, Mike. Sicko is great but why did you forget Mexico? Uncle Sam wouldn't be giving you trouble on your return stateside, not like going to Cuba. And the Mexicans have been fi... read more

Good doctor makes house calls Marvin West

The good doctor really does make house calls. Juan Barbosa Gallego arrives with a reassuring smile. His personality is perfect for his mission. He is calm, soft-spoken and confident he can produce a c... read more

Where angels fear to tread: an interview with Silvia Flores Cat Gonzales

This morning Nurse Practitioner Silvia Flores Gonzalez is a little tired, having gotten up at 4:00 am to deliver a baby. The young mother knocked on the door of "El Centro de Desarrollo para Mujeres" i... read more

Health care in the Guadalajara and Lake Chapala area

Health Care Resources A partial listing of clinics, hospitals, dental and doctor's offices, and clinical laboratories Americas Hospital - Avenida Américas #932, Guadalajara ... read more

Massage Exchange With A Traditional Maya Massage Therapist Denis Larsen

Night fell and it got dark with tropical quickness just as I was dropped off in a real VW bug at the bone-setter/massage man's home. On my way inside I almost stepped on a tarantula that seemed as big ... read more

Got flu? Try a sock full of onions Maggie Van Ostrand

Before the days of modern medicine, people relied on folk remedies. To ward off the flu, for example, you might have to wear a sock full of onions or eat a spoonful of hot chilies on a piece of pumpern... read more

Signing up for Mexico's IMSS health coverage Karen Blue

I finally got my IMSS (The Mexican Social Health Insurance) card today. It took about three weeks and visits to fifteen different desks in four different buildings in two different cities. I did it mys... read more

IMSS Insurance Terms & Conditions Discussion Thread Forum

1. It shall be excluded from the family insurance: the holder of the family insured, the additional beneficiary or member, if the have:

Any pre-existing disease, such as malign tumors, cronic degenerated diseases, such as delayed complications of mellitus diabetes, disease (gaucher disease), cronic diseases on liver, cronical renal failure, valvular diseases continuance, (arrhythmia, angor, myocardial infaction) cronic obstructive lung disease with respiratory failure, degenerative diseases of central and peripheral nervous system, vascular cerebral disease continuance, peripheral vascular failure, among others.

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