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Mexico changes, Mexico remains the same Marvin West

The more Mexico changes, the more it remains the same. Despite delusions of assorted miracles, it is still largely a country where the past remains vividly present. We have been hearing about reforms since Enrique Peña Nieto launched his presidential campaign in November 2011. Together we will build a new and better Mexico, he said. As so eloquently added by a TV comedian, exaggerated promises come with “buckets of saliva.” Foreign investors took the bait. Mexico is a potential manufacturing powerhouse. Alas, the proverbial man on the street has been looking everywhere, trying to identify improvements in ordinary living. What he sees is fuzzy. read more

Christmas shopping with the sliding US dollar Maggie Van Ostrand

This Christmas will really test a person's ability to stretch a dollar, especially a U.S. dollar, since we've been watching it shrink for quite awhile now. It certainly isn't necessary for big-mouth m... read more

The corn is as high as an elephant's eye Maggie Van Ostrand

Oscar Hammerstein II probably didn't realize when he wrote the lyrics for Broadway hit Oklahoma! that "The corn is as high as an elephant's eye," were prophetic words. Corn, at $4.21 a bushel (as of... read more

Mexico City visit: your money's no good Maggie Van Ostrand

Ever walked into a room crammed full of strangers? Take it from me, it's quite wonderful when the strangers that the room is crammed full of are Mexicans. It's even better when the room is in Mexico. ... read more

What's today's rate? Mexico's floating peso Stan Gotlieb

I wrote this in early 1995, when the peso was on a slide. For many, especially the Mexican people, the "devaluation" was no laughing matter. "It's 5.0 at the Caseta de Cambio (money changer) in Cinco ... read more

No tengo cambio: Paying with coins in Mexico Stan Gotlieb

This clown is plying his trade in the Oaxaca Zócalo. He probably needs change. Photography by Diana Ricci   There is a deep, dark, secret hole where all the change goes, and nobody k... read more

Mexico: a window on technology and the poor Gary Chapman

Over the Columbus Day weekend, I was in Mexico City, attending and speaking at a conference marking the founding of the Mexican chapter of the Internet Society. That was a potentially historic event i... read more
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