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Guide to the Mammals of Mexico's Primavera Forest Reviewed by John Pint

2013 saw the launching of a new book describing the mammals of Jalisco's Primavera Forest, located just west of the city of Guadalajara. Mamíferos del Bosque La Primavera, Guía Ilustrada (in Spanish)... read more

Rescuing and releasing sea turtle hatchlings in Todos Santos, Mexico Ed Kociela

Photos by Mariah Baumgartle The sun is setting off the coast of Todos Santos, Baja California Sur and, even though we are in the tropics, we are bundled up in heavy, hooded sweatshirts and jeans to pr... read more

Dealing with insects in your Mexico house and garden J. Brad Grieve

Bugs like tropical shrubs and palm thatching
Cockroaches, scorpions, earwigs, mosquitoes, termites, beetles, ants and even fleas, present different challenges to homeowners here in tropical Mexico. They are part of the dark side of our little paradise read more

Where The Butterflies Are Larry Landwehr

Our two friends from AmSoc told Mary and me about going to see the Monarch butterflies. Every year the Monarchs migrate from Canada and the US to their winter home in central Mexico. As they migrate, s... read more

Did You Know? "Tlacuaches" (opossums ) Tony Burton

Tlacuaches (opossums) are short-lived but smarter than most people imagine... Imagine "a monstrous beast with a snout like a fox, a tail like a marmoset, ears like a bat, hands like a man, and feet li... read more

Honeybees: have they emigrated to Mexico? Maggie Van Ostrand

There's been a big U.S. flap over the fact that honeybees seem to have gone missing. North Americans are becoming alarmed that, without pollination, foods such as almonds, apples, blueberries, peaches,... read more

The Baja Animal Rescue Team

Pets are a billion-dollar industry in the United States, but even for the U.S., homeless cats and dogs are a major problem. There is civic funding to established programs to help control the situation,... read more

White pelicans on Lake Chapala Marvin West

White Pelicans on Lake Chapala; photo: John Mitchell, Earth Images Foundation Granddaughter Kim couldn't resist. Our slender, pert redhead scampered along the flatland toward the water. Thousands o... read more
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