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One more win Marvin West

Victor Espinoza, 43, calls himself the luckiest Mexican alive. He was the jockey aboard American Pharoah, winner of the U.S. triple crown of horse racing – the Kentucky Derby, Preakness and Belmont Stakes. His name will be forever etched in sporting history. Fame and fortune are likely partners for the rest of his life. Only 11 riders have accomplished this rare feat. The last time it happened was 1978. read more

Rolly Brook 1931 - 2015 David McLaughlin

RIP Rolly
On February 25th, 2015 a dear friend and loyal supporter of Mexconnect and many ex-pats died.

He will be missed and we have a few loving words for Rolly Brook... read more

Cesar Millan: America's greatest Mexican import Maggie Van Ostrand

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the American people, desperately in need of relief from fears about the future, turned for escape to movie stars Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers for champagne a... read more

Cantinflas: super comic, super star, super man Maggie Van Ostrand

Mario Mareno Reyes was the sixth son of 15 children, who became a world-wide cinema super star, was married to the same woman for more than 30 years, and made enormous financial contributions to the Me... read more

Emilio Fernandez, one of a kind Maggie Van Ostrand

Just when you think you know everything about the golden age of movies, along comes still more information to snap you back to reality. You may not have ever heard of him yourself, but one of the most ... read more

Dolores del Rio, a Mexican beauty Maggie Van Ostrand

In a magazine interview, I was asked who had the most beautiful face of all time. I unhesitatingly answered, "Dolores Del Rio." Not Garbo, Dietrich, or Elizabeth Taylor can compare with Dolores Del Ri... read more

A Mexican Odyssey: Escape to Paradise by William Reed with Sylvia Garces de Reed Reviewed by Allan Cogan

William Reed tells us his own personal story and what a tale it is. Most of the action takes place in Puerto Vallarta where Reed has lived since his move to the beach in '72. He seems to have met everyone who ever went there - including some very well-known ones, such as actor Richard and Elizabeth Burton, Peter O'Toole, Xaviera Hollander and many, many others. Two people who figure most prominently in the story are movie director John Huston and Johnny Weissmueller (Tarzan himself). In the struggle for Huston's affections, William Reed was the loser. It all adds up to quite a story. read more

Jose Morelos y Pavon: Saga of a warrior priest (1765 - 1815) Jim Tuck

It is inevitable that comparisons will be drawn between José Morelos y Pavón and his mentor and predecessor, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla. Both were Roman Catholic priests of casual vocation who ... read more
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