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Mexico magic is all around Marvin West

Pueblos Majicos
Unbelievable: Mexico has 111 magic towns with more in the hatchery. The Pueblos Mágicos program was launched in 2001 by Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism in conjunction with other federal and stateagencies to promote towns chosen for natural beauty, cultural riches and historical relevance. read more

Travelers ignore warnings, Mexico wins Marvin West

It works! Advertising actually works. Mexico’s tourism board kept pouring millions of pesos into splashy ad campaigns featuring white sandy beaches, turquoise blue waters, Maya ruins, fresh fruit and genuine hospitality. Americans, Canadians, Europeans and several from the Orient ignored dire warnings, bought the sales talk and came to see for themselves. read more

Shawls for all seasons, rebozos for all reasons Carron Harlan

We sit crushed together, moist and miserable, in the back of the battered old VW van as we do every day about this time. Interesting odors assail our noses. We would rather not know what it is we are s... read more

Christmas in the Sierra Madre mountains Jenny McGill

Christmas tree in Talpa
End of year holidays in small Mexican towns have a very special meaning. Folks come home. Milking cows and growing corn or coffee isn't everybody's idea of making a good living, so they try to realize their golden dream and head for the cities, but Christmastime and Mother's Day call them back home. read more

Scouting Mexico retirement scenes Marvin West

There are several famous David Frosts loose in the world. One is the excommunicated Canadian hockey coach and agent. Another is Sir David, distinguished Englishman with TV connections to the late Richard Nixon.
My pick is the David Frost, American computer programmer, banjo-picker and adventurer, currently encouraging or coaxing his wife Jo to hop-scotch around Mexico, scouting possible retirement scenes. read more

Frosty mornings in the sierras: healthy lifestyles in a small Mexican town Jenny McGill

fresh foods from a Mexican market
Life in the mountains may be the secret of longevity. It is not uncommon for mountain folks to live past their nineties and complete more than a century on this earth. Country folks usually eat what they grow on their ranches. Corn plays such a fundamental role in the Mexican diet, as well as beans, chilies, tomatoes and onions. read more

From Talpa to Puerto Vallarta in the 1800s Jenny McGill

I shall never forget the two trips we made to the seashore from Talpa. read more

Eight surprises from a senior year abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico Eliza Migdal

As we studied, found pursuits and made great Mexican and expatriate friends, many of our assumptions were challenged. Our year abroad altered our perspective on both Mexican and American lifestyle and priorities.

read more

Traveling light to Oaxaca? Alvin Starkman

Every visitor to the city of Oaxaca has the potential to make a significant contribution. read more

Where The Butterflies Are Larry Landwehr

Our two friends from AmSoc told Mary and me about going to see the Monarch butterflies. Every year the Monarchs migrate from Canada and the US to their winter home in central Mexico. As they migrate, s... read more

Mexico FAQs: Food and water

What about the water and food? Can I expect to have Moctezuma's Revenge? Qué me pueden decir acerca del agua y la comida en general en México? Puedo enfermarme? Can I drink the ... read more

Winemaking in the Mexican sierra Jenny McGill

When he took the first sip of his nectar, Guy thought he could hear the angels sing. read more

Viva La Baja! Relocation and Real Estate Guide to the Baja California Peninsula by Molly McHugh Reviewed by Julia Taylor

Molly McHugh's recently published Viva La Baja! Relocation and Real Estate Guide to the Baja California Peninsula provides concise, easy to use information for anyone interested in north or south Baja. It is obvious that McHugh's objective is to provide an excellent product that will be useful for people of all ages and from all walks of life. read more

Prodeur - Preserving The Heritage Ed Fesler

Visitors - even those who come regularly - will always find something they haven't seen before by taking long strolls in Guadalajara's mansion area. Hungry? That's where the best restaurants are. ... read more

The Virgin of Talpa comes calling Jenny McGill

There are secrets to all this pageantry that everybody doesn't know. read more

Motorcycles, Scooters, and Surviving with Them in Oaxaca Alvin Starkman

The third week of May, 2008, Hertz in Oaxaca changed its downtown location from a side street to the main drag, the pedestrian walkway known as Alcalá about a block and a half up from the zócalo. The... read more

Coming and going Marvin West

Based on very personal experience, let me tell you there is a considerable difference in coming to Mexico and going from Mexico. Fourteen years ago, old friends Charles and Ginger Rudder pulled up T... read more

Bugs of San Blas Marvin West

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow waxed poetic about the bronze bells of San Blas without seeing or hearing them. These less eloquent westwords are about the bugs of San Blas, a very up-close and much too-per... read more

Ajijic: the way we were Maggie Van Ostrand

In the ancient Nahuatl language, Ajijic means "The Place Where Water Springs Forth." This year marks the 40th anniversary of an historic event: the Great Geyser Eruption. It is said to have been the ta... read more

Traveling with children to Oaxaca Alvin Starkman

The options are innumerable. It's simply a matter of doing a bit of homework - asking, and then committing yourself to a vacation dedicated in large part to your children. Oaxaca has traditionally bee... read more

Play to Your Heart's Content at the Ex-Hacienda de Temixco in Morelos Part Two: A Long and Varied History Julia Taylor

Ex-haciendas have a feeling of elegance that you can experience only in Mexico. ( Part One: 32 Acres of Aqua Fun) As if the water park weren't enough, the buildings of the hacienda still stand and ha... read more

Wildflower hunting in Durango Jeffrey R. Bacon

Driving across the state of Durango, flowers paint each region's landscapes with local colors. Wildflower lovers enjoy Durangan flowers nearly all year long because a few hardy species tough out the re... read more

Caladium, candleabra cactus and canna lily: ornamental plants and flowers of tropical Mexico Linda Abbott Trapp

Three beautiful options for your tropical garden in Mexico are the caladium, candleabra cactus and canna lily. read more

To market, to market: treasure hunting in Mexico City's flea markets Anthony Wright

Some time ago I was exploring the Mercado de Antiguëdades de Cuauhtemoc in downtown Mexico City with my brother-in-law and an entrepreneurial young Mexican named Carlos Villasena, press officer for th... read more

Travelers' checks, ATM machines or cash… Oaxaca, Money and Exchange: A Primer Alvin Starkman

Advice to heed before heading out the door to the airport, questions you'll have after landing, and money issues that will arise in the course of your vacation You don't need to take travelers' checks... read more
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