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Seat belt, cell phone and speed limit laws are enforced in Oaxaca Alvin Starkman

Driving in Oaxaca, Mexico, became a little more difficult in September / October, 2009. That's when federal, state and municipal governments actually began enforcing the law, at least in the City of O... read more

Did You Know? Different traffic whistles in Mexico mean different things Tony Burton

Mayhem prevails in many Mexican cities during rush hours. The traffic in some big cities rarely seems to let up, or slow down, as vehicles jockey for the best position before becoming ensnarled in a ta... read more

Driving in Mexico Marvin West

In my younger days, when I was relatively fearless or disturbingly dumb, I occasionally operated a motor vehicle on the mean streets of New York City, in broad daylight and at night, and once the wrong... read more

Mexican driver's ed, a Monterrey perspective Amy Gray Kirkcaldy

I can think of nothing more torturous than driving in Mexico. A free for all with life-threatening vehicles is not my idea of fun or adventure, but Mexicans seem to love it. When I first started drivin... read more

Driving Larry Landwehr

Driving is very different in Mexico. The only rule is that the bigger vehicle always has the right of way no matter what. Buses in town change lanes when they want, and stop whenever and wherever they ... read more

Live Better South of the Border Reviewed by Allan Cogan

I’d love to have had this book five years ago when we first came to live in Mexico. It’s not that we ran into a string of problems then but it’s just such a useful source of information and opinion about living here it would have cut a lot of corners for us at the time. As the author says, this book is written for people of all ages who want to live in Mexico and Central America, from retirees to baby-boomers who want a new life to artists and writers who want a stimulating and less expensive way of life. read more

Driving down to Mexico again Karen Blue

I'm just back from California with my new car. It's a '93 Ford Explorer that I purchased from a good friend on one condition--that she help me drive it back to Ajijic. Yes, she's a very good friend. An... read more
Showing 1—7 of 7 results
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