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Ask an old gringo about tax cuts, wind farms, Alebrijes and egg sandwiches Marvin West

The alebrije is a uniquely Oaxacan variety of Mexican folk art. This one depicts a rabbit. © Alan Goodin 2007
Mexico is a very interesting country. If anything hasn’t already happened here, it soon will. Nowhere else in the world are people protesting because taxes are going down. $207 million USD has gone missing. Giant Alebrijes are roaming the streets, and egg sandwiches are missing from grocery stores. read more

In Mexico, Baja beckons expats Patti Morrow

Married, single, young, old, with kids in tow, retired or entrepreneurs — Baja Mexico is enticing expats with its promise of a better lifestyle. The choices are unlimited. The colorful culture of col... read more

Canada's Embassy and Consulates in Mexico

Points of Service in Mexico (see below) Embassy Mexico City (D.F.) - Embassy of Canada Consulates Monterrey (Nuevo León) - Consulate General of Canada Guadalajara (Jalisco) ... read more

Teaching English Overseas: A Job Guide for Americans and Canadians Reviewed by James Tipton

Latin America is a really enormous TEFL market, with tens of thousands of jobs available every year in language schools, binational centers and universities…. read more

How To Make Teaching English In Mexico A Reality - Part 2 Julia Taylor

Marketing Yourself So once you are in your new home town how do you impress the directors of the local language schools? First of all, it is important to remember that while this is a big adventure fo... read more

Moving Here Permanently? Alvin Starkman

Transporting your worldly possessions into Mexico is both an art and a science, even more so if you intend to do so on your own… truck and all. Then the task also becomes a challenge and an adventure... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - 2007 Immigration Update Adriana Perez Flores

Immigration's prices are normally due for increase every January. Although they failed to increase the rates for services in 2005 and 2006, we are not so fortunate this year. These are the taxes that ... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Immigration And Inmigrado Adriana Perez Flores

It would seem we owe a big thank you to all the readers of this article. I think the greatest compliment to us is when we have members of the community asking us to write on a specific topic. Some of t... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Personal Safety Adriana Perez Flores

Normally we come to you monthly to advise readers of different aspects of the law that affect our daily lives - immigration, real estate, labor, wills, contracts, etc. This month it isn't so much the l... read more

IMSS: Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social, Mexico's government health servces Adriana Perez Flores

  2012 Update The main objective of Social Security is to guarantee the right to good health, medical assistance, the protection of the means of subsistence and the necessary social services for the... read more

What can I take into Mexico?

You are entitled to bring/take/send the following items, depending upon your immigration status. 1.  (Tourist) Under the FMT you can bring in: -Articles for your personal use, such as clothing, foo... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Wills In Mexico Adriana Perez Flores

This is a topic that some people do not like to face, as it makes them think about their own mortality. Unfortunately, if we want to take care of our loved ones or a favorite charity, we must face this... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Changes In Immigration And IMSS Requirements Adriana Perez Flores

When Immigration or IMSS decide to make changes to rules and or requirements, these are usually very minor, such as income amounts, and the cost of the actual documents. However, over the past two mont... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Immigration Documents Adriana Perez Flores

In the past several years the basic requirements for immigration to Mexico have not changed, but the explanations of these requirements are somewhat unclear. We see this confusion everyday, so we are g... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Immigration Changes At Border Crossings And Airports Adriana Perez Flores

When exiting and entering Mexico, foreigners are supposed to show their immigration documents with the officials either at the border, or at the airport into or out of which you fly. This has always be... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Medical Coverage And Hospitals Adriana Perez Flores

In an effort to educate as many people as this column can reach, we touched on many legal issues surrounding our lives in Mexico. Our office deals with many issues that we are faced with each and every... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Apostille Adriana Perez Flores

The requirement of an Apostille (ah-poh-steel) is an important new development for international travelers. An Apostille is an additional certification that will be required for all notar... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Christmas Bonus Adriana Perez Flores

The labor laws for the Republic of Mexico vary for each type of employee, and each type of employer. Unfortunately, very few of us who hire maids and gardeners, hire them according to the law. We hire ... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Your Documents Adriana Perez Flores

Common sense goes a long way, no matter which country you live in. Different countries have different criteria on certain things: procedures and paperwork on house closings, passport requirements; even... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Vehicle Importation: Part 3 Adriana Perez Flores

Last month, we mentioned filing a letter with Customs asking the proper interpretation of the law surrounding imported vehicles, which is article 106. We received the reply which has been translated an... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Vehicle Importation: Part 2 Adriana Perez Flores

Our last article discussed the basic importation regulations around foreign plated vehicles. This needed to be addressed as some vehicle seizures were made in Puerto Vallarta, and because a reasonable ... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Vehicle Importation: Part 1 Adriana Perez Flores

Most months we try to cover current trends and rumors in the foreign community. These past few weeks has generated the worst of these rumors. It all started when the authorities in Puerto Vallarta seiz... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Marriage And Divorce In Mexico Adriana Perez Flores

Here are two widely varying topics. Marriage, everyone loves to talk about. Divorce, not a very popular topic. Fortunately, or unfortunately, they are facts of life. Many people come to us inquiring ab... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Wills In Mexico Adriana Perez Flores

It would seem that any given month produces one rumor or another. This month it is about wills in Mexico. All of a sudden everyone is asking how to get a will in Mexico. Now this is usually a topic th... read more

Know The Law In Mexico - Importation Of Personal Goods Adriana Perez Flores

One thing most of foreigners have done at one time or another is bringing items across the border into Mexico. Whether it was in your luggage flying in, in your car driving in, or in a transport truck ... read more
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