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The codices of ancient and colonial Mexico Ronald A. Barnett ©

Extract of page 2 of the Codex Colombino, depicting a Mesoamerican ballgame
How do we really know what happened in ancient Mexico before the arrival of the Spaniards and the introduction of writing? To get an idea how the Indians actually viewed these events we must turn to the pictorial and "written" manuscripts or codices produced by the people themselves. The codices themselves were generally in the form of long strips of native paper (amatl) or sized deerskin folded up into the shape of a moderate sized book, hence the name codex. Others were originally produced in book format. read more

Mesoamerican epic poetry and saga: What is epic? Ronald A. Barnett ©

Coba in Yucatan, an ancient Maya city
© Roger Cunningham, 2013
Heroic type epics focus on a main hero, and epic themes may also include shamanism where the hero relies as much on magic as on personal resources.

To what extent Nahuatl epic corresponds to this type of epic literature remains to be seen. read more

2012: Prophecies of the Maya Calendar Allan Wall

Detail of glyphs and numerals. Detaille de glifos y numeros.

Is it true the world will end in 2012? Is the ancient Maya prophecy true? What exactly is supposed to occur on December 21, 2012? Does the Maya calendar really predict a cataclysmic event on that date?

read more

Campeche: on the edge of the Maya world John P. Schmal

Located in the southwestern portion of the Yucatán Peninsula along the Gulf of Mexico, the State of Campeche was named after the ancient Maya Kingdom of Ah Kin Pech (Canpech). For thousands of years, the Yucatec Maya has been the dominant Mayan language throughout the Yucatán Peninsula, including Campeche, Yucatán, and Quintana Roo. read more

Mesoamerican religion and multiverses: Part Two Ronald A. Barnett ©

It is generally assumed that the idea of other universes is the unique product of "post-modern" thinking based on the Theory of Relativity and quantum mechanics. But the ancient Aztecs and Maya probabl... read more

Tribute page from the Codex Mendoza Tony Burton

Tribute Page from the Codex Mendoza The tribute payable (displayed in most browsers when mouse is positioned over image) is: 2 strings of beads of jadeite, a green semi-precious stone a total of 4,0... read more

Did You Know? Mayan pyramid in Tabasco, Mexico, has possible Roman links Tony Burton

ROMANS in Mexico? I've always tried to maintain an open-minded attitude towards history, but even I was incredulous when I first heard this suggestion. And you certainly won't find it in most history ... read more

The Books of Chilam Balam and the Trojan War of Yucatan Ronald A. Barnett ©

In writing of the Persian Wars, Herodotus, our earliest Greek historian of note, declared that his purpose in writing of the attempts by the Persian kings Darius and Xerxes to invade Greece was to ensu... read more

The Books of Chilam Balam: Part two Ronald A. Barnett ©

The Yucatecan Books of Chilam Balam, which comprise the Chumayel, Tizimin, Mani and others, are notoriously difficult to translate and interpret because of archaic or obsolete words in th... read more

The Books of Chilam Balam: Part one Ronald A. Barnett ©

The Books of Chilam Balam are indigenous Maya chronicles written in northern Yucatan during the century or so following the Spanish Conquest. The surviving texts we have are copies of the origin... read more

Primary sources of Maya history - part five Ronald A. Barnett ©

Controversy is a fact of life. Complete agreement on any subject is hardly to be expected. The study of Maya hieroglyphs is no exception. In fact, scholarly differences of opinion can be just as viciou... read more

Primary sources of Maya history - part four Ronald A. Barnett ©

In the last column we looked briefly at the history of the decipherment of the Maya hieroglyphic writing system and some of the modern myths about the ancient Maya propagated by certain popular writers... read more

Primary sources of Maya history - part two Ronald A. Barnett ©

Four major cultural areas provide us with the most extensive documentation in Mesoamerica: the Valley of Mexico (Aztec), Northern Yucatan (Lowland Maya), Western Oaxaca (Mixtec), and Guatemala (Highlan... read more

Primary sources of Maya history - part three Ronald A. Barnett ©

Decipherment of the Maya hieroglyphic system of writing represents perhaps the greatest breakthrough in unravelling the history of the ancient Maya. Estimates vary on the actual percentage of the glyph... read more

Primary sources of Maya history - part one Ronald A. Barnett ©

The most extensive documentation for the native historical tradition in Mesoamerica comes from the Valley of Mexico and surrounding area. This is hardly surprising, for the main thrust of the Spanish C... read more

The Maya Civilization, Maya Numerals And Calendar Luis Dumois

Mayan Numeric System Ancient Maya discovered two fundamental ideas in mathematics: positional value and the concept of zero. This feat was accomplished by only one other great culture of antiquity, th... read more

Bibliography For - The Ancient Maya David Conrad

BIBLIOGRAPHY FOR: The Ancient Maya An Exploration of Trade & Commerce During the Mayan Period By David Conrad His Email Source Article ... read more

The Ancient Maya - A Commercial Empire David Conrad

The ancient Maya achieved compelling and impressive socio-economic complexity during pre-conquest period. Extraordinary ancient cities such as Tikal and Caracol are scattered through out eastern Mexico... read more

Primary sources Ronald A. Barnett ©

The Maya, Aztecs, and other peoples of ancient Mexico had a very strong sense of their own history, which they went to great lengths to preserve. But in some ways, their concept of history differed rad... read more

Did you know? A sacred game Teresa Kendrick

The ancient game of amalla was not mere sport. The ballcourt was a "middleworld" between gods and humans, a battleground for the cosmic tension between life and death, good and evil, sacrifice and... read more

The Maya Civilization: Historical Conflict with the Spaniards Luis Dumois

The Maya Civilization Historical Conflict Part 2   (To Part 1) "Just because of the crazy times, because of the crazy priests, is it that sadness overtook us, that 'Christianity' o... read more

La Civilización Maya: Conflicto Histórico, Parte 2 Luis Dumois

El libro del Chilam Balam de Chumayel es el más importante de los códices o manuscritos propiamente mayas que hasta hoy se conocen. Este libro recoge tradiciones orales de la historia maya; parte de ... read more

The Maya Civilization, references Luis Dumois

REFERENCES De la Garza, Mercedes, y León-Portilla, Miguel, Literatura Maya. Compilación de textos: Popol Vuh, Memorial de Sololá, Libro de Chilam Balam de Chumayel, Rabinal Achí, L... read more

La Civilizacion Maya , Referencias Y Sitios En La Red Mundial Luis Dumois

REFERENCIAS ( Sitios Redes) De la Garza, Mercedes, y León-Portilla, Miguel, Literatura Maya. Compilación de textos: Popol Vuh, Memorial de Sololá, Libro de Chila... read more

La Civilización Maya, Numerales y Calendario Mayas Luis Dumois

Numerales y Calendario Mayas   Sistema numérico Los antiguos mayas descubrieron dos ideas fundamentales en matemáticas: el valor posicional y el cero. Sólo otra gran cultura de la antigü... read more
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