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Obsidian in Mexico: gift of the gods John Pint

The third-largest deposits of obsidian in the world are found west of the city of Guadalajara and are superseded only by the deposits of Africa's Rift Valley and the Oregon Plateau. Obsidian forms when... read more

Did you know? The first scientific account of Lake Chapala comes from 1839 Tony Burton

The first detailed scientific account of Lake Chapala was written by Henri Guillaume Galeotti. It was based on a visit to Chapala in February-March 1837. The article was published first in French in 18... read more

Did You Know? Puerto Vallarta in Mexico will become an island and float away Tony Burton

Literary-minded travel writers describing Puerto Vallarta as an "island of tourist delights" probably don't realize that their words are closer to the truth than they might imagine. At present, Puerto ... read more

Did you know? Lots of "real" Aztec gold was only tumbaga. Tony Burton

What the Spanish Conquistadors thought was gold was often only an alloy called tumbaga. As they explored the New World, the early conquistadors were spurred on by the possibility of finding treasure a... read more

The geology and geography of Lake Chapala and western Mexico Jack Leyden

The following is a story concerning an ancient lake that covered a large area of the State of Jalisco and spread into Michoacan and Aguascalientes. This map is a visual portrayal of the lake superimpos... read more
Showing 1—5 of 5 results
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