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Cities beneath our feet Ed Fesler

Poking around an archaeological site that's still being dug out is fun. It was my first experience. Five friends and I had the further pleasure of having it all to ourselves while we were there. Work h... read more

Did You Know? The oldest ballgame in the Americas Tony Burton

Baseball is not the oldest ballgame in the Americas Forget modern "traditions" like the World Series! Forget soccer, tennis and golf! By far the oldest ballgame in the Americas is the little known ga... read more

Did you know? A sacred game Teresa Kendrick

The ancient game of amalla was not mere sport. The ballcourt was a "middleworld" between gods and humans, a battleground for the cosmic tension between life and death, good and evil, sacrifice and... read more

Dog with a human mask: The ceramic dogs from Colima Cat Gonzales

Mexicans love wearing masks. My favorite is a statue of a dog wearing a human mask created about 300 A.D, and found near Colima. Masks are part of the Christmas pastorelas, depicting the devil, ... read more

The Mayan Civilization Time Line Luis Dumois

Based on the 'Mystery of the Maya'   OVERVIEW B.C. 1000-1000 Olmec ... read more
Showing 1—5 of 5 results
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