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Mexican motorcyclists and popsicles in Catemaco by William B. Kaliher

I tracked Alex down. I wanted to know about these fruit popsicles. His shop, Paletas Percheronas Catemaco, sits on the gleaming plaza next to the Cathedral in Catemaco, Mexico. The señorita working the counter disappeared into the interior and a moment later burly Alex stepped out. The same all-encompassing smile covered his face...

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Mexican motorcyclists and popsicles in Catemaco William B. Kaliher

I stepped to the front of the restaurant, near the screen, and turned around. From the darkened room, the worst motorcycle gang in southern Mexico stared back. Then I noticed these rough looking, leath... read more
Published or Updated on: March 20, 2014 by William B. Kaliher © 2014
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