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Paying tribute to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Oaxaca by Tara Lowry

In Oaxaca, on the morning of December 12th, the faithful take their most beloved treasures, their children, and adorn them in the traditional dress of the various indigenous groups of Mexico. The processon begins at the cathedral in the zócalo, or main square, and winds its way through the cobbled streets, accompanied by singing, prayers and firecrackers. When it reaches the entrance of the cathedral dedicated to Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe in Llano Park, the procession lines up to introduce their niños and niñas to the Lady herself.

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Paying tribute to Our Lady of Guadalupe in Oaxaca Tara Lowry

The Mestiza Madonna. La Virgen Ranchera. The Queen of the Americas. Mystical Rose… no matter what name she is called, one thing is for sure: the beloved Virgin of Guadalupe is the mother of all Mexic... read more
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