or in region Cabo Corrientes, Jalisco

Viva Natura: The revival of a Mexican field guide classic by David Kimball

The Bay of Banderas region (Puerto Vallarta) and Cabo Corrientes are distinguished by an unusual number of natural creatures that are “endemic” or unique to their specific range — appearing within that range and nowhere else in the world.

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Viva Natura: The revival of a Mexican field guide classic David Kimball

Petr Myska probably didn't think that the book he was writing would be threatened with extinction even before some of the species that were featured in his publication. Myska's work was published in 2007 as A Field Guide to the Amphibians, Reptiles, Birds and Mammals of Western Mexico. In short form, it is known as "Viva Natura." Only 2000 copies were published... read more
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David Kimball and his wife are building a cabin in the mountains aabove Mexico's Pacific coast. Follow them as they experience retirement life in an ecological development in Tierra Alta, less than an hour from Puerto Vallarta.

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