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Exploring Mexico by Henry Biernacki

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From exploring Mexico to exploring the world Henry Biernacki

At age 17, I set out from my home in Colorado to Guadalajara… and my career found me. That one journey altered my life boundlessly. The adventure of a long and colorful bus trip set off an insatiable... read more
Published or Updated on: February 11, 2012 by Henry Biernacki © 2012
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Biernacki's debut novel No More Heroes, is a beautifully written testimony to the art of living. It is a poetic and joyful reminder of those seemingly ordinary moments and interactions that are indeed so extraordinary. Henry Biernacki shares with the reader an uncommon sense of wonder and a profound sense of humanity. It is a rare gem in the form of a 180 page novel. The book is available in paperback, hard cover and e-book

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