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CORAL, Oaxacan Center for the Rehabilitation of Hearing and Speech by Alvin Starkman

CORAL, the Oaxacan Center for the Rehabilitation of Hearing and Speech, is a vibrant NGO. It relies on donations from predominantly private and local corporate foundations to assist mainly young, hearing impaired children whose families are of extremely modest means. The four-pronged enterprise consists of an audiology clinic, hearing and speech therapy center, early detection hearing loss program, and a social work component. One would be hard-pressed to find a more commendable aid organization if you plan to visit Oaxaca and want to contribute clothing, cash, or of course hearing aids and components.

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CORAL: Non-profit center in Oaxaca assists hearing impaired Mexican children Alvin Starkman

When the Cole-Gardner family recently vacationed in Oaxaca, Mexico, they brought along several basketballs, soccer balls and baseball gloves, to donate to indigenous children without ready access to su... read more
Published or Updated on: December 26, 2010 by Alvin Starkman © 2010
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