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All five of Mexico's ecosystems meet around Guadalajara by John Pint

To my surprise and delight, I discovered that there is only one place in the entire country where all five ecosystems are found in close proximity and that is inside of what I call The Magic Circle. In addition to this, according to Rhoda and Burton, the line designating the major Faunistic Divide of Mexico, (creatures of the north and creatures of the south) just happens to run right through that same Magic Circle.

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The Magic Circle: Mexico's five ecosystems meet around Guadalajara John Pint

For a while I've been asking myself how it's possible that I keep finding new natural wonders to write about after 25 years of living near Guadalajara. So, one day I sat down with a map and drew a circ... read more
Published or Updated on: November 7, 2010 by John Pint © 2010
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