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The lurid artistry of the Mexican lobby card by Anthony Wright

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The lurid artistry of the Mexican lobby card Anthony Wright

According to collecting experts, Mexican lobby cards of U.S. films are rarer than U.S. lobby cards of the same since fewer of them were printed. They wallow in exploitation, indulging in as much sex and violence as their respective eras legally allowed. Vampires are vampires. Aliens are aliens. Babes are babes. Criminals are criminals. Abominable Snowmen are Abominable Snowmen. Krakatoa is still East of Java (even though it's west) and will remain that way for all eternity. read more
Published or Updated on: May 30, 2009 by Anthony Wright © 2009
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Anthony’s first novel, Infernal Drums, has been released by Canada-based independent publisher Moon Willow Press, along with a collection of Anthony's short fiction, Smoke Ghosts & Other Outrè Tales.


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